The Work 12-14

The Work 12-14

Peter Ariz
**Starting with good news for Miami, J.C. Jackson is having a very good visit. Jackson is giving Miami indications that they are in the lead, but he will let the process play out so don't expect an early commitment. I'm told that Jackson and Kiy Hester have hit it off, which is a good sign for the Canes. A huge factor for Jackson is getting on the field early and Miami is selling that hard.

**Look for Johnnie Dixon to announce his decision within the next few days and I would be surprised if his pick is not Ohio State. At this point, the Miami side is not confident that he will wind up in Coral Gables either.

**It was being reported elsewhere that Ryheem Lockley would be here this weekend, but that was not true. He did not have a visit scheduled this weekend and therefore was not here. It is still up in the air whether he will be able to qualify here. I've heard mixed things, which is often the case when grades are involved.

**I did a story on Georgia safety prospect Tre' Neal earlier this week and Neal put Miami in his "final 3". I'm told that Neal does not have a committable offer at the moment and the extent of Miami's contact with him was Micheal Barrow requesting his film.

**There is a good chance that Miami ends up offering Brad Kaaya's Chaminade teammate Brayden Lenius over the next week or so. Miami has been in the process of evaluating him and he is a prospect with an extremely high ceiling. Lenius is a 6-5, 225 WR/TE who is only 16 years old and playing his first season in the U.S. after transferring from Canada. I don't think Miami wants to take their chances with both Derrick Griffin and Ryheem Lockley and have neither of them qualify at this position, so Lenius would be a viable option with high upside. I expect his recruitment to take off over the next few weeks as his senior film circulates.

**Out of all of the recruits visiting this weekend, who looked the most physically impressive? Juwon Young. If he is able to qualify and pick up the playbook quickly, he has a serious opportunity to get on the field early.

**Keep an eye on Nigel Bethel II's recruitment. I still expect him to ultimately sign here, but he might make Canes fans sweat it out.

**I don't really have anything "new" on Dalvin Cook. I said earlier this week that FSU had the advantage and I have not been told anything that would change that outlook.

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The meltdown if Cook signs with FSU on this board will be a mess.
Juwon is supposed to be an EE and was celebrating his test scores a couple of months ago
I remember there was talk about Juwon and grades early on but it seems he is trying to EE now so they can't be that bad can they?
Thanks Pete. What about Kiy? Kid's film is sick and seems to be tweeting really positive stuff. Looks ruthless.
As late as earlier this week, someone told me that Young was not 100% in. Obviously Young says he's ok, but we will see. Things get tricky when transcripts are in question
Lenius need a offer with or without a Dixon commitment. Miami sould be a seamless transition from that California lifestyle.
The meltdown if Cook signs with FSU on this board will be a mess.

Why? Meltdowns happen when a lot of people are confident someone will come, and then he doesn't, leading to much disappointment. Pete seems to be indicating that FSU may well lead at this point. A number of other people seem to think that also. Cook's remarks have been deliberately uninformative. I hope we get him, but I am not counting on it.
I heard the Bethel thing might be grades related....any truth to that?
Fairly certain Young said he was already qualified. He's signed his financial papers, at least.