The More You Know...About Georgia Tech

The More You Know...About Georgia Tech

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes are 2-1, coming off of their victory over Bethune-Cookman last Saturday. Now they face their first divisional opponent in Georgia Tech, who crushed Virginia 56-20 over the weekend. UM has had trouble stopping the run all year and now they gotta play a team that does nothing but run. Let's get started and see what we're in for.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:
Coastal DivisionWLWL
Miami (FL)
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
North Carolina

Well would you look at that ****...we're tied for first place in the division. If the Jackets hadn't herped & derped all over themselves in OT against the Hokies, this game would be for sole possession of 1st place. I won't complain about that **** now though, because we're going to have our hands full in this game.

Georgia Tech just got done performing legitimate rape on Virginia. Here's what UVA blog Streaking The Lawn thought of Georgia Tech afterwards:

Brian Schwartz said:
The Yellow Jackets dominated this one from start to finish. Virginia scored to cut GT's early lead to 14-7, but didn't see the end zone again until the middle of the fourth quarter, to get the game to 49-14. Tech finished with a video game-like 461 rushing yards. Tevin Washington passed 6 of 8 for 125 yards, while running for 93 more.
The game was a disaster, and there isn't much more to say about it.


Jesus Christ at those rushing totals. Now, I know we've beaten them 3 years in a row. In fact, we've dominated their offense. Problem is our defense is a lot worse than last year, so it's gonna take another big effort to shut down that ground game

2. What happened the last time Miami played Georgia Tech?


From the Associated Press:
Nicholas recovered a fumbled punt for a touchdown plus added an interception, Lamar Miller ran for 93 yards and a score and Miami's banged-up defense was dominant as the Hurricanes topped Georgia Tech (No. 22 BCS, No. 20 AP) 24-7 on Saturday -- holding the high-octane Yellow Jackets more than 300 yards and nearly 36 points below their season averages entering the game.

Man...I forgot how good a game JoJoJoJo Nicholas had that day. Maybe we can have a repeat performance from last year by shutting them down with another injury riddled defense. Problem is the make up of this team is very similar to the 2008 team, loaded with freshman throughout the two-deep. The 2008 UM team got waxed in that game. I don't know...I just hope D'Onofrio isn't telling these kids to tackle high:


Thanks to Rusty98UM for creating this gif for posterity.

Romeo Davis...ole "I'm gonna tackle this guy by the hand-warmer" *** *****. I just feel bad for Sean Spence's family for him being in the general vicinity of this play.

3. Who to be scared of:


Zach Laskey

Laskey has emerged as the B-Back for the Jackets, which if you don't already know is basically a big running back lined up where a fullback normally would be. If we're going to win, we have to contain the hand-offs to him and whoever else lines up at this position. He's got 187 yards on 28 carries (6.7 avg.) and 1 TD. He also scored a 70 yard touchdown against UVA last week on a wheel route.

4. Player that will score against us:


Tevin Washington

With all these teams that run this kind of option offense, the QB is always the straw that stirs the drink. By now you all know that they don't pass often, he's only 23 of 34 for 382 yards and 3 touchdowns for the season. On the ground he leads the team in yards (253) and touchdowns (4). He doesn't run it as good as Nesbitt did for them, but he's in his third year as the starter so he probably knows what the **** he's doing out there.

5. Person that will **** you off:


The Entire Offensive Line

These guys will cut block the **** out you. It's not illegal, in fact it's a cornerstone of their offense. 1 or 2 guys on our Defensive line are bound to come out of the game at some point with a ****ed up leg because some undersized Offensive Guard dove head first at their knee caps. It'll be important to watch how freshmen like McCord and Moore handle this. Do they trust their coaching and properly avoid the cut block, or do they get themselves taken out of the play for fear of getting injured?

6. Official Internet meme for this game:

Not the Bees!


Just ******* win.


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My biggest fear this game is young guys trying to do too much, not trusting the defense and blowing their assignments. Too many young guys playing on D against GT is bad news.
My biggest fear this game is young guys trying to do too much, not trusting the defense and blowing their assignments. Too many young guys playing on D against GT is bad news.

Eddie Johnson TERRIFIES me against GT. I love watching him play and can't wait to see him with more experience but he's out of position on quite a few plays. Against GT that is asking for a legitimate rape.

This coaching staff seems to know how to handle GT though.
GT is a High school system, half *** team with a coach who teaches cheap shots. They wouldn't beat any team in the the top half of any ACC conference. Maybe a 12th place SEC team.

We should win.
However, they just skull ****ed a team that beat us last year pretty handidly...
Are Porter and Kirby going to be back for this game?

I hope I'm wrong...I just get the feeling that (with or without them), we should probably be preparing our angus.
Really, the key to this game IMO is whether or not Perryman is full-go. If he's hampered by that high ankle sprain, then we'll be looking at Laskey run over whomever we put in at MLB in DP's place (likely Gionni Paul, who's already sporting issues w/his knee from camp).

To borrow from Corch Lannard, all of these "Lower Extremity" injuries at MLB against a GT OL that, as Dan pointed out, LOVES to cut a recipe for disaster not only on the scoreboard, but if the wrong undersized OL decides to take a dive at DP's ankle or Paul's knee...we could lose them for the year, easily.

I think that our DT's and the other two LB spots are next in the equation--the DT's have to tackle soundly up the middle and avoid getting sealed off, and the Will/Sam backers will need to read their keys and attack their assigned ballcarrier in the backfield as much as possible. Key word there is "assigned" have to stick to the plan to stop this bunch with any consistency.

Call me nucking futs, but I'm not super-worried about our S situation now with Bush/Highsmith being the starters for this game. Those 2 guys are probably the best 2 safeties to play against this type of offense. They're both good in run support, and Bush at least is rangy enough to recover well off of a fake option into a pass and defend it well enough. Also--we will have to run a more man-to-man oriented scheme, as you have to match up with the backs and the QB in this offense with your front 7--which means you can't really run a lot of zone concepts with the wideouts on the's too flimsy. You have to run some man to allow as many people in the box to tackle their assignment as possible.
I am not sure if the feeling I have is good or bad! I think this offense is different enough from the read option that the defensive reads are easier so we are less apt to fall for the play fake or follow the wrong guy. The key is the middle of the defense and that is our weakest part right now. I do think we have enough players to make plays to slow this team down. My issue also is which SM shows up. The guy who at times looks like a legit pro prospect smashing in routes with laser beams or the one that looked like a freshman last week. I think it is important to get him into a rhythm early. I think we will either win a close one or get blown out! Right now I am just not sure which!
Simple recipe for beating these guys. Score first, score early and score often. If they(GT) have the lead or game is close, we're done.
Simple recipe for beating these guys. Score first, score early and score often. If they(GT) have the lead or game is close, we're done.

True, we need to score TD's the first two times we touch the ball. Get a lead and the advantage of the option disappears.
Option one, kill the QB, option 2, see option one. All day long.
Miami has to stop them on 1st down. The option offense will usually get 3-4 yards a down on average, which is why Johnson has no problem going for 4th and short yardage, just about anywhere on the field. I liked how they sent Perryman after Washington last year. For all the troubles they've had on defense, D'Onofrio knows how to beat it. He's coached against Navy and GT plenty of times. I just wish the players could consistently do what they're supposed to do.
I want to feel good about this game, but that's how I felt going into the K State game. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. We shut them down last season with Coach D as the coordinator.
Big game for the D. Really no reason they can't repeat what they did last year. Lets see if the players are up to it.
Georgia Tech is thin in defensive depth their ball control offense helps them ther. The key to winning is quick early scores. Force them to play from behind
Big game for the D. Really no reason they can't repeat what they did last year. Lets see if the players are up to it.

acually, there are several reasons. we are extremely young, which does not bode well when you have to be disciplined against an option attack; our def tackles suck and our best player is out w/ an injury so they will likely be able to establish the fullback right up the gut. if you can't stop the fullback, you're dead against the option. and washington is running their option like a well-oiled machine right now.