Springs Highly Interested in Miami

Springs Highly Interested in Miami

Tito Benach
2014 Texas Safety Arrion Springs is considered by many to be one of the top defensive backs in the nation. Springs is spending his offseason by working with coaches and attending camps.

“I just plan on going to a few camps and learning from the coaches and really listening to what they teach me.”

Springs compares himself to a Charles Woodson type of corner and says his best skill is his speed.

The Texas prospect is a hot name for a number of schools across the country including Oregon, Miami, Texas, Mississippi State, Baylor and Missouri.

While he currently says he has no leader he does have a heavy interest in the University of Miami.

“I’m actually highly interested in Miami right now, I talk to coach Paul Williams a lot and he said he is gonna come up and see me and discuss an offer.”

Springs is still currently searching for an offer but says there is a good chance he could commit once he gets it.

“Yes, there is a good chance but I’ll probably wait until the summer to make that decision.”

Springs is planning to have a decision sometime during the summer and also is hoping to find a good school for him.

“I just want a place where there is good location, good DB coaches and a what the program’s goals are.”

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Holy wow.... was this already in the works or did I tip ya off???
Tito, I think you're just making these interviews up at this point. Somebody mentions an OOS recruit, and 45 seconds later you've got an interview with them. Unbelievable solid work.
Tell Springs to bring his boy KD Cannon with him! Texas ballers to the U!
Titoos putting in that work.

Good stuff mane.