Spring Game Live Thread

Spring Game Live Thread

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
I will be posting all updates in this thread.

9:55 A.M. -

Offense Scoring Format

1 point - First Down
3 points - Field Goal
6 points - Touchdown
1 or 2 points - PAT/2 point conversion

Defense Scoring

1 point - defensive stop
2 points - 4th down stop
3 points - 3 & out
6 points - points for a turnover

10:10 AM

Players have arrived. Fan autograph session beginning


10:45 AM

Picture of the Adidas ball being used today



Mark Walton and Ice Harris chatting



Sheldrick Redwine and JaQuan Johnson



Have heard very good things about Joe Brown this spring. He looks much bigger. Interested to see him today


Crowd pic



Miami tells me that Josephy Yearby and Isaac Hoza will not play today (violation of team rules)


Game underway.

First possession for offense is a 3 and out. Handoff to Gus and 2 check downs to Dobard and Tucker

2nd offensive possession

Malik Rosier incomplete to Braxton Berrios up the seam

Trayone Gray outside handoff (Bush makes tackle)

Rosier incomplete to Berrios (pass a little high)

Two 3 and out stops for defense

3rd possession

Kaaya swing pass to Gus for 3 yards (Trent Harris tackle)

Edwards carry for a first down up the middle. Jermaine Grace tackle

Kaaya play action roll out pass intended for Dobard. Jermaine Grace makes a nice play in coverage

Edwards carry for 4 yards

Kaaya hits Malcolm on a quick slant for a 1st down

Quick pass to Herb to the left and he makes a nice move for the 1st down. Carter tackle

Herb Waters takes the HANDOFF for 6 yards

Jermaine Grace all over the field. Makes a nice tackle on Edwards

Edwards short yardage carry for the 1st down

Kirby explodes through the line to make a nice stop in the backfield

Kaaya throws to Rashawn Scott in the back of the end zone and it is JUST out of bounds. Looked like Scott might have gotten that foot down. Artie Burns in right coverage

Kaaya sacked

Badgley hits a 45-YARD FG

4th possession

Rosier pass batted down at the line

Gray takes a handoff to the right for 7 yards

Holding is called but declined on the incomplete swing pass to the left

5th possession
Edwards 6-yard carry to the right

Kaaya play action was looking deep but nobody was open. Incomplete pass on the check down

Too many men on the field penalty

**Kevin Beard telling Stacy Coley he needs to pick up his urgency**

Incomplete pass to Coley on the comeback

Mishandled snap but Kaaya falls back on it

Chad Thomas knocks down the Kaaya pass at the line

End of 1st Q

6th possession

Gray and Tucker with back to back carries

Gray carry stopped by Wyche. 3 and out

7th possession

Stacy Coley makes a nice snag and runs with it for 28-yards. Looked explosive. Kaaya had 5-wide there

Play action post intended for Rashawn Scott is tipped up and intercepted by Corn Elder who was on the ground. Pass was a little behind

8th possession

8th possession

O'Donnell has 2 nice catches in a row. JaQuan Johnson big hit on the 2nd one

False start

Tucker stopped in backfield by Jelani Hamilton

Deep pass to Waters from Rosier is on point and Waters almost makes a leaping grab but doesn't come down with it

9th possession

Kaaya pass to Rashawn Scott is tipped and picked off by Jamal Carter who was waiting for it in center field

10th possession

Rosier pass near the sideline is caught by Tyre Brady

Colin Alford nice carry for 5 yards

Incomplete swing pass to Alford from Rosier

Badgley 46-yarder against the wind is short

11th possession

Kaaya check down to Gray for 4 yards

Grace makes a nice play on Gray on the carry. Loss of a yard

Defense credited with a sack. Kaaya was looking deep. 3 and out

12th possession

Testaverde short completion


Incomplete intended for Langham. Passed was tipped and almost picked off by Carter again

I'm running out of battery. Charging at halftime and I will be back

Offense looking a lot better in the 2nd half. Kaaya and Coley connected on a broken play that coley once again looked explosive on. Malcolm Lewis capped the drive with a short TD catch.

Berrios had a short TD from Rosier as well. Berrios looking very very good

End of 3rd

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Is FSUs and clemsons not really being televised too is that some BS a dude made up
I HOPE THEY LET THE FANS MEET and Greet GOLDEN.. Or in other words trash and embarass him hope he enjoys his last spring game.. That ******* can go ghosts better than Bin laden...
Are there any local TV channels showing the game? I've heard in the past that the game wasn't televised and then it ended up being shown on CSS or something similar.
Pete post crowd pics so we can see how many suckers attended
Is that fat reclusive fargot Folden going to be on the sideline in a Pope Mobile? He's so scared to be seen or have his team seen.
Is FSUs and clemsons not really being televised too is that some BS a dude made up

I find that hard to believe

Only Miami would be this amateur

Why would I make it up? Has of right now, ESPN3 is going with Wake Forest and NC State. The other ACC teams that are not on tv are BC, Pitt, Virginia, and NC, who is not having a spring game.