South Dade DB Francois on committing to UM: "It felt like I was instantly a part of the family”

South Dade DB Francois on committing to UM: "It felt like I was instantly a part of the family”

Stefan Adams
After spending a few hours on campus with family and teammates on Friday, 2020 South Dade (FL) DB Jaiden Francois saw no reason to wait any longer. He had dreamed about being a Hurricane all his life and, after receiving an offer two months back, found it hard not to commit on the spot. Even though he has picked up other Power 5 offers since that time from the likes of UGA, Georgia Tech, and Syracuse, Francois knew Miami was the place for him and he committed to UM after the Friday portion of Paradise Camp festivities.

“It was great,” Francois said on his big moment. “It took me a little while to think about [committing], but as soon as I committed, it felt like I was instantly a part of the family.”

Francois’ commitment kicked off a chain reaction of events that netted the Hurricanes two more of his South Dade teammates, Keshawn Washington and Jonathan Denis, later that night. The South Dade Canes trio has a tight bond and, once they were all offered by Miami, they knew it was only a matter of time before they ended up in the orange and green.

“I mean we already have a bond at South Dade,” Francois said on Washington and Denis. “We just want to keep the same bond going on to the next level.”

His huge moment of committing to Miami was just the start of a big weekend for Francois, though. The newly minted Canes’ commit returned to campus on Saturday to compete against some of the best South Florida athletes in the region at Paradise Camp.

“The experience was great and there was a lot of competition,” Francois said on Paradise. “I’m looking forward to coming back again.”

Francois was a top performer at Paradise, locking down receivers all night and showing his ball skills with multiple interceptions.

“I feel like I did good. The coaches were telling me some good things,” Francois said. “There’s a lot of room for improvement, but I’m just working to be the best. Still have to work on some things in the summer, going into the season.”

The South Dade star showed out at both cornerback and safety during the event and could play either position well at the next level. As he’s still two years away from campus, Miami is going to take it slow with Francois; they’re currently just recruiting him as a DB and will wait and see how he develops instead of pigeonholing him into one spot or the other too early. However, Francois himself does have a preference.

“I prefer cornerback, I like locking down my man,” Francois said.

The recruiting services have been ranking the rising junior class for a few months now, but Francois still does not have a ranking to his name. How does he feel about currently being unranked in the 2020 class?

“I think I proved myself tonight. I was told that it will change soon, so I’m not worried about it.”

While many prospects simply commit early to lock in a spot as they continue to look at other programs, Francois said he doesn’t need to see anything else.

“I’m not [interested] in others at the moment, just Miami right now. No other visits,” Francois said. “I’m 100% committed.”

And his message to the Canes’ fans out there that have been following his recruitment?

“Y’all gonna love me. I have a lot to bring to the table.”

(Geo assisted in conducting this interview.)


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Francois and friends sound like kids who all love the hometown team. This business decision crap excuse for turning your back on your community and city is another example of how young black boys get pimped for a few dollars and the promise of stardom. Loved when Richt said they would "do things the right way". We will continue to get better even if some top SoFl talent leave their communities.
Hope he continues to work on his craft. He is definitely raw, but he doesn't run from contact and he has good size! Love his love for the U!
Francois is looking like the best DB in Dade county right now...4🌟 easly
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Kid is elite as it gets. Will be a high 4-star don't @ me. Plays cb and safety at a high level judging by the film and he does not miss tackles.

Holding on to him and henry gray will be a war for the ages