Some tidbits from the scrimmage

Some tidbits from the scrimmage

Just got backin town and after reading the various posts ,seems like most were right in line with what took place. I had the pleaseure of sitting right next to Tyler Horn to the left of me and Brandon Lindner's dad right behind me. Some interesting comments from Mr. Lindner. Me being the inquisitive type I asked a few direct questions after we established a little banter between us.

Me: How do you feel about Kehoe?
Him: I love him and so does my son and the rest of the kids. They work hard for him and Art gets a bad rap from the fans.

Me: What's the deal with Seantrel?
Him: Don't pay attention to the media stories. He works super hard,plays right next to Brandon and is in good health and good shape. He knows he needs to bring more consistency and realizes what the coaches are doing in regards to tyring to get him to be a leader.

Me:Who is on the radar as an up and coming star?
Him: Both Flowers and Gadbois. He was frank about how Ben Jones is lost. Feels bad for him and we watched a few times as Jones just stood around during the scrimmage as a bystander. Sad.

Me: Who do you think will be the center?
Him: Mcdermott. Stronger at point of attack than Wheeler. Not as polished as he could be but tough as nails and has a mean streak.

Me:How do you feel about this upcoming year.
Him: Good. Just the fact that we are physically stronger can trasnlate into wins. Said that K State,VT,FSU and Boston College games were a direct result of not being strong enough in the trenches. Said Brandon told him that Perryman and Gaines bring it the hardest.

He also preferred Morris as QB and felt that he should have been the starter after the Maryland game as well. He loves Golden and said no regrets about choosing UM over ND. Really nice guy and tells like it is. Was effusive in his props to Golden for scheduling this scrimmage.

Told me an anecdote about Darrel Fullington. Says that Fullington coaches at St. Thomas and is the position coach for Brandon's little brother. Said that after the hail Flutie pass(DF was one of the DB's that got beat) Jimmy Johnson told him after the game that that play will affect you for the rest of you life,and it's up to you to decide if it is a positive effect or negative. Made that statement in relation to the way Golden approaches motivation for the team.

As for the scrimmage itself, it has already been covered. Perryman is stud. He and Paul at LB bring a physical instinct to the point of attack that we haven't had for a few years. I usually key in on players during scrimmages and I even joked with Horn and Mr. Lindner that I was pulling for the defense because that's where I felt we needed the most work. I watched Hope and Guntner quite a bit(since corner scares me the most and they both look alright. Solid tacklers,can break on the ball and play loose while watching the QB and having a feel for the WR.

TE's are gonna be a big part of the offense. D$ has been spot on with his reviews of Rayshawn Scott. Kid will be known by midseason IMO. The young QB's were ok. Some of the early reports had them looking bad. Again, I didn't watch their every move but when I did, I saw some good young arms.
Hope the injury to Holton isn't serious. Once he went down the running game was stuffed. Neither TE in the H-Back set impressed me as a lead through blocker. They are better off the edge blockers IMO. Takes a different animal to put your head down and go up against a DT that has shot the gap.

Saw some corner blitzes,Telemaque dropped an easy pick,Porter played well but takes some plays off. Gadbois was better in pass protection than in the run game. Olsen Pierre had a few good moments.

All in all a fun night with a really nice crowd to support the kids.

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Good stuff. Nice to actually hear the players believe in Kehoe because its important to have position coaches the players believe in
Feel bad for Ben Jones. Didn't a lot of experts have him pegged as the best of the northwestern bunch?
Ben Jones...i remember the question being asked "does he want to be a football player?" physically he's got the long arms you want from an OT. He can move good enough. very good size without it being sloppy. just never had a passion for it.
Feel bad for Ben Jones. Didn't a lot of experts have him pegged as the best of the northwestern bunch?

No, none that I can recall. He had some upside, but spence, forston, b Washington, jacory and aldarious were the main 5. Streeter, Tompkins and jones next.
Feel bad for Ben Jones. Didn't a lot of experts have him pegged as the best of the northwestern bunch?

No. Kid was a high risk high reward project all the way. Same with kids like Jeremy Lewis and David Perry.
Great read. Thank for asking questions! I like Art a little more than then average Cane fan does. Dude has 5 rings.