Signing Day Buzz: 8 Days Away

Signing Day Buzz: 8 Days Away

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Get the latest buzz surrounding Miami's top targets and other tidbits as National Signing Day nears.

**Alex Collins: Collins had a successful visit to Arkansas over the weekend, but Miami is sitting in a very good spot. A source close to the situation told me today that he feels like Miami will ultimately be the decision, but that Collins has not necessarily made his final choice yet. This person also told me that Collins is fully aware that Miami is the best school in the mix and that he knows Miami puts top backs in the NFL, so those are two major aspects of his decision. Something interesting I was told as well is that Collins is "becoming his own man" with the decision. Interpret that however you like. 70% Miami

**Matthew Thomas: Despite James Coley's departure from Florida State, the Noles are still in the picture here. I've spoken to two people in the last day with close ties to Thomas' family and they both feel like he will end up at Miami, but that's not to say anything is set in stone. This will continue to be a dogfight over the next week, but Miami has the upper hand. 70% Miami

**Denver Kirkland: This is very similar to the Thomas situation in that Miami holds the advantage, but he has not made his final decision as of yet. Somebody told me tonight that Kirkland's step-dad isn't all in on Miami so that is a minor hold-up as of right now, but that the coaching staff is working on settling those concerns. 65% Miami

**Stacy Coley: I have heard nothing but positive buzz for Miami on Coley over the past two days and I've had three different people tell me that he has made up his mind and will be a Hurricane come signing day. Another positive development in the Coley sweepstakes is that his very close friend Eddie Jackson will reportedly choose between Alabama and LSU, eliminating FSU. If Jackson would have chosen Florida State, that would have been a blow to Miami's chances. Like I said, the noise has been in Miami's favor the last couple days, but I'm always cautious with kids who very rarely speak to the media. 70% Miami

**Keith Bryant: Barring a last-minute miracle by Golden and staff, he will be a Nole. Golden, Carroll, and Franklin will go in-home with him on Friday before he takes his final visit to FAU this weekend. 20% Miami

**Rashard Robinson: Someone from the LSU side told me that Robinson is "telling Miami what they want to hear," and that the LSU coaches have been reassured countless times by Robinson that he will stick to his commitment. Obviously take that with a grain of salt since it's coming from LSU people, but this is from a very reliable source. Even if he does stick with them, do not completely count out the chance that he winds up at Miami at some point. There are major question marks about whether or not he will qualify, and if he has to go Prep then Miami has set themselves up nicely for a second crack at him. 25% Miami

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Like I have been saying this Thomas to Miami thing is in no way set in stone

/that said I got my money on Al and staff ...... and mamma
//and dammitmane keef sets up FAU as his last visit
crown FAU for getting a visit from Keef lol...thats awesome
Thanks as always Pete da man!!! Solid work.......

Anything on Grace, Bostwick or Gus Edwards?

Lots of noise with Bostwick and UF.
A **** of a haul if things play out the way you expect.
If we close with Coley, Thomas, Kirkland, Collins, and steal Edwards I think at least half the Seminole fan base will stroke out.
It so funny hearing certain "info" that comes out as NSD gets closer. Some of things you can't do anything but shake your head.
I just don't have a good feeling at all about signing day and haven't in years.

My only reasoning- 10 years of disappointment after disappointment.
So easy to go to sleep after I fap to this thread.

Lulz at *****
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Yea Pete what's up with the Bostwick/Florida buzz
The btw boys have to see the light. Fsu is a sinking ship. New coach in 2 yrs
Watch Keef sign with FAU because it's only a few miles from his baby girl.