Shannon Dawson speaks on his new offense

Shannon Dawson speaks on his new offense

Recently appointed Offensive Coordinator, Shannon Dawson spoke to reporters following the second day of spring practice

Dawson discussed the Quarterbacks' development as of the second spring session.

"Jacurri Brown has been here so you can tell he's a sharp kid, probably one of the better skill sets I've seen... Emory could still be in high school, so we're going to bring him along but he's got some good skill sets too." The players' attitude and passion during the first couple weeks of practice particularly struck him, he added.

Dawson discussed his early thoughts on the wide receivers' room.

“Since we don't have pads on, it's difficult to say who can or cannot play, according to Dawson, who added that "we have some great kids." He said, "We have some guys moving around out there and making some plays."

The Air Raid Offensive, according to Dawson,"in my opinion there's no such thing as the Air Raid Offense anymore... we're never going to go away from [running the ball effectively] and we're going to run the ball effectively... you can throw it for more yards if you run it better because defenses will play that right."

Dawson outlined the characteristics he seeks in his receiving room

Because each position requires a particular set of skills, "you want a good combination of a tall guy who can run and catch right and then other players who can move about... and then you recruit what you don't have," said the coach.

Outside of Tyler Van Dyke, Dawson declined to comment on individual players when asked about their roles in the new offense.

"I'll talk about Tyler, I mean Tyler is the guy right, but everybody else I'm not going to get into that because there's kids out there working hard and playing hard and if I point one kid out not the other that's not fair to them especially if we haven't put pads on."

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Think these are excerpts from the video clip that was posted from him the other day

That was a great watch though he basically himself says “what can I really say?”