Seabury Lands Miami Offer

Seabury Lands Miami Offer

Tito Benach
2014 Timber Creek receiver Javonte Seabury has been doing a lot this summer to take his game to an even higher level for his senior season. This includes hitting college football camps all over the country ranging from Miami to North Carolina.

“We’re going to North Carolina tomorrow and I’m at Georgia right now. I just came back from Auburn.”

The recruiting process has been one Seabury has enjoyed as he totals 5 offers at the moment with possibly more on the way.

“At first it was going slow for me until I went to Miami and ran a 4.3 and soon as I got my first offer from Kent State everything started following afterwards.”

“I’ve heard from mostly everybody, I just came back from Auburn and they told me I’m gonna hear good news next week from them and Georgia is thinking about offering me. Florida State said if I go to the camp they’ll offer me.”

Despite all the recent schools picking up interest for the speedy, offensive threat, the latest offer from the Hurricanes is one that catches his eye.

“It was really good because I’ve been down there a couple times with my brother and I’m excited and I love the coaches.”

Seabury’s younger brother happens to be 2015 running back Jacques Patrick who is also heavily interested in the ‘Canes.

When asked what he likes about Miami, the 5’9 170 pound receiver cited the relationship he had with the coaches.

“Specifically Hurlie Brown and after I won the fastest man competition I spoke with Al Golden. I felt really comfortable out there, to be honest I felt like a family because of the connection. I think they’re cool.”

When asked if his decision will have an effect on his brother’s choice, Seabury made it clear what their plans are.

“That’s what we plan on doing and that’s what we are really hoping on.”

As far as when his decision will come, the Timber Creek product isn’t looking to wait very long.

“Depending on how this visit goes, I’m going to try and commit in August.

So now the question remains, what are the chances that Seabury chooses the orange and green?

“Depending on if I get offered by Florida State or Auburn, there is a 75 percent chance I commit to Miami.”

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How does he compare to the other slot receivers offers?
“I love Auburn a lot,” Seabury said. “They have one the best stadiums that I have ever seen and one of the best indoor facilities. The coaches are great and it’s a great atmosphere.”
I guess they are trying lure Patrick in by offering his brother. No disrespect to the kid but he isn't on the level of the top WRs on the board.
i disagree with all the neg comments about this guy idk why the staff didnt offer him earlier he looks better than braxton berrios. even though i hope we get both of them.
This seems to be interesting...It seems like Golden is willing to play the game...haven't seen Miami do a 2 for 1 special I for a while...but I will play ball

Would have liked to try the Macknese Twins the last year but anything is possible
those in the know.. is he the kind of athlete the coaches were trying to get when they offered levonte whitefield, are they comparable?
Holy **** @ his speed, not sure the level of comp, but buddy was pulling away from cats.
Didn't stand out to me at the camp he was at, but no doubt he has speed.
He's fast but I still would go Berrios, JoJo, Mckenzie and Stephens before him.
Holy **** @ his speed, not sure the level of comp, but buddy was pulling away from cats.

He plays in the largest school class in florida and plays the best teams in Orlando. Last year Apoka won state and beat the snot out of Cypress Bay ( the biggest school in the country ) from south florida for most of the title game. An Seabury's team gave Apoka all the could handle both times they played last year. So he plays some very good competition.

Go Canes
Am I the only one that thinks this kid has the speed that makes it worth it to offer him just for his brother? His brother is elite and his speed is elite. **** everything else. Those things alone make it worth it. If this is the tipping point in landing a 5 star running back next year then yes. YES YES. YES. MOTHER****ING YES
He'll get offered by auburn and fsu and a few other schools before all is said and done. And from at least what was written sounds like he may be auburn or fsu bound if they offer. But it's only july so we will see
So he wants a fsu offer. kind of sucks. id love to get him and his brother
Travis wasn't that great at catching ball either and he played a lot. This kid has close to that sort of speed. He is worth shot on his own. any increase in chance to get Jacques Patrick is huge bonus and worth it even if this kid bust. Actually, can Jacques' father pretend to be a coach like Ice? I think Jacques has interest in THE U. Didn't he help get that TX DT an offer. That would make a great trifecta--WR, RB, DT. Oh yes offer the kid. Remember, Howard's state of Miami included Orlando. That makes these two kids "local talent". Nice thing is, they can get away from home by coming to THE U.