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Richt, Brown stop by 2018 5-star Lingard's school

Richt, Brown stop by 2018 5-star Lingard's school

Peter Ariz

A plethora of schools, including Miami, have stopped by University High School in Orange City, Florida to see 2018 five-star running back Lorenzo Lingard in the past week.

The Canes sent Mark Richt along with OC and RB coach Thomas Brown last Friday to Lingard's school, an RCT source told CanesInSight. Along with Miami, Louisville and UGA visited Lingard on Monday, Florida State and Oklahoma were at the school on Tuesday, and Alabama and Ohio State dropped in this morning.

Not only is Lingard an elite prospect on the football field, but he has major aspirations on the track, including his ultimate goal of the 2020 Olympics. Lingard is the defending 4A state champion in the 110M hurdles and looks to also win the 300M hurdles this season. Look for Miami to involve Director of Track and Field Amy Deem in their recruitment of Lingard.

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How did the in-home go? Are there any early leaders?
Any way we can hire Usain Bolts coach as a special "adviser" to the track team for a few years. Any yardies in here with a link?
I guess this means we're getting Chise's favorite cousin after nsd.
Any other IMG kids we have a shot at, Pete? Or were they there just for L2?
MUST get, if we are going to compete on the national stage. No more excuses for not landing this type of talent.
If we win, they will come..................in packs like wolves.