Redshirt Watch (Through Final Game)

Redshirt Watch (Through Final Game)

Stefan Adams
Due to the NCAA's new rule, a player can play in up to 4 games and still receive a redshirt designation.

13 of Miami’s 23 true freshman had previously played in 5 games and have burned their redshirt this season. They are: Hightower, Wiggins, Jordan, Mallory, Scaife, Ivey, Blades, Baxa, Lingard, Silvera, Pope, Davis, and Hall.

From last week, DE Patrick Joyner played against Wisconsin.

Here's a chart to keep track of how many games the UM freshmen still eligible for a redshirt have participated in so far in 2018 (data is from UM's own official participation charts).

Freshman Redshirt Chart


Jarren Williams – 1 (SSU)


Realus George – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Marquez Ezzard – 3 (SSU, FIU, PITT)


John Campbell – 4 (SSU, TOL, FIU, PITT)
Cleveland Reed – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Patrick Joyner - 4 (SSU, FIU, PITT, UW)
Gregory Rousseau – 2 (LSU, SSU)


Jordan Miller – 1 (SSU)


Gilbert Frierson – 2 (SSU, FIU)
Nigel Bethel – 1 (SSU)

The rule does not only apply to true freshmen, though. Here are the non-freshman UM players that have yet to redshirt in their career and have played in 4 or less games this season, making them technically still eligible to redshirt this year.

From last week, OL Corey Gaynor played against Wisconsin.

Non-Freshman Redshirt Chart


Brian Polendey (So.) – 2 (LSU, SSU)
Michael Irvin II (Jr.) – 0


Corey Gaynor (So.) – 4 (SSU, TOL, PITT, UW)
Kai-Leon Herbert (So.) – 1 (PITT)


Bradley Jennings (So.) – 4 (LSU, SSU, TOL, UNC)
De’Andre Wilder (So.) – 0

Comments (78)

Cambpell/reed didn't play last night?
Surprised Wiggins has played in every game. I thought he’d be a lock to redshirt.
Pope and Lingard will probably get more burn imo everyone else I think should redshirt.

A little disappointed that Frierson hasn’t been better, idk if CB is his true spot though hopefully as the season goes on he’ll develop more and maybe be a guy that can help us.
I'm shocked Wiggins isn't redshirting. I guess coming in early helped but he looked the most raw of the WRs we signed in that class.
I don't think so.

He's the #3 RB, so he'll definitely be seeing more action - especially if one of the top 2 gets an injury at some point later in the year.

Thoughts on Lingard red-shirting this year??
Technically none of the freshman have burned their redshirt because they can always redshirt in subsequent years where they don’t play in more than 4 games.

Gaynor is trying to get a shirt this year, 2 games played.
Rousseau, Polendey, and Irvin will get shirts as well while also having the option to play later IF healthy.

I wouldn't mind seeing Charles Perry stop playing IF we think 55/56 are out the door. He could provide us with some additional experience at WLB and allow us to move Steed to MLB.

If Richards keeps the injury bug up, he may get one as well not that I think he sticks around for 5 years.
Lingard, Pope, Silvera, Hall, Ivey & Joyner should play all year, the rest should shirt.

The reason why I add Joyner in there is because we need the depth at DE, he'll probably redshirt but imo I think he would be good to have available late in some games, especially with Rousseau being out for the season.
Speaking of Joyner, what are his current measurables? Maybe it's just me, but I looked at him last week and he looked like a a DE. I was pleasantly surprised.
Speaking of Joyner, what are his current measurables? Maybe it's just me, but I looked at him last week and he looked like a a DE. I was pleasantly surprised.
He's listed at 6'2 235lbs, but he looks around 240-245lbs range.