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Recruting News 1-26-2012

Recruting News 1-26-2012

Strange as we get closer to signing day there seems to be less new info out there. Here is what I could confirm.

Avery Young 6'6 273 OT 2012- He says Al Golden and Art Kehoe will visit him today.

Chester Brown 6'5 323 OG 2012- Is some one who could sneak into our class, He is no longer commmited to UGA because of some crazy school rule where Students who can’t prove they are legal U.S. residents can’t enroll at the University of Georgia and adopted by the state board of regents in October 2010. Brown’s parents are from Samoa and the family moved from Long Beach, Calif. to Hinesville, where he began high school in 2008. He says he plans on trying to speak with Hurricane coaches about setting up a visit of some sort and that our coaches have already made contact. So this is just something to keep an eye on.

Dwayne Hoilett 6'3 223 DE 2012- Will be an early enrollee. So that brings our total of EE to 8. Which means we can have a class of 33.

Sorry that's all I got for the moment(Been busy with work) I'll try and get some more info out this weekend after the visits.

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Chester Brown: you had me at Samoa.

Sucks that the clearinghouse screwed us with Hope and Lockhart and we couldn't have a bigger class.

As always, thanks, Navy.
Watch out for Briscoe...He is visiting UT this weekend and I wouldnt be surprised if he flips. Dooley's telling him all kinds of crap.
Watch out for Briscoe...He is visiting UT this weekend and I wouldnt be surprised if he flips. Dooley's telling him all kinds of crap.

yea I was going to write about that...But I hadn't had a chance to speak to the kid...But from what I know he is pretty soild to us
THink they saying the same thing about a dude in an orange tie?
Im just wondering aloud regarding Briscoe; Do we have any Louisiana kids on the roster now?
As you already know 2012 6'5" 340lb OL Chester Brown decommitted from Georgia because of a immigration policy..
My question is what is UM policy towards this type of recruit?

Here is the story of him of decommitting..
Brown becomes casualty of immigration issue
-read more

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Just to be clear there would be no issue with brown getting in at UM as long as his grades are in order
Didn't see your thread but still my question remains..
I thought we only had seven spots open from last year so one of the EEs count toward the 25
Dude, look at the size of that guys' legs! Holy crap! Can he play? Do we have room?
Pants>>>>>>worse than a tie. I'm not worried so much about what they tell Briscoe as what they offer him.

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