Recruiting Update 12-30

Recruiting Update 12-30

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
-I really like Friday’s pickup of Sonny Odogwu. I know there are some people unsure about it because it’s a small class, but this kid’s potential is through the roof. Even in small classes, the coaches always have to stockpile for the future, not just players who will be ready next season. Odogwu has a background in basketball and has already filled out very nicely in just one year at Prep school, so it definitely looks like he has the physical ability to be special. The other factor in this equation is that it seems like he has the drive and attitude necessary to work hard and continue to improve. While that might sound cliché, it really is a good combination of the physical and mental side with him.

-I’ve had a lot of people ask me how this affects Denver Kirkland’s standing with Miami, but this does not mean anything negative for the ‘Canes with him. Miami still wants Kirkland and they are still in good position to land him. Odogwu isn’t some name that popped up out of nowhere just because they didn’t feel good on Kirkland. Miami was actually pursuing Odogwu last year before he went to Prep school and then he really emerged back on the radar about a month ago as first reported on CanesInSight right here:

-The battle for Alex Collins continues on moving towards Signing Day, but Miami has to like their chances right now. Eddie Gran leaving FSU was a huge boost to UM’s chances. I talked to somebody from the ‘Noles side a couple weeks ago who said that they were feeling supremely confident on Collins before Gran’s departure. The team that has made a move is UF, who he visited December 14th. Florida feels confident after the visit, but something that could come back to hurt their chances is the fact they came into the game so late for him. The Gators didn’t offer him until October. Something that is working in Miami’s favor big-time right now is the fact that they will get his final visit on January 18th.

-The Keith Bryant saga looks like it will go down in infamy no matter who he chooses. Somebody who I trust very much spoke to Bryant last week and he said that he was leaning to FSU. This comes from a reliable source, but his recruitment is really at a point where nothing he says or does matters until he signs on the dotted line. He won’t be announcing his decision at the Army All-American game as originally planned, but I don’t think that really means anything either way. He will be visiting Florida State on January 11th and he has not decided if he will official to Miami yet.

-Nothing really new on the Stacy Coley front. Like I said last week, somebody close to the situation told me he was very close to pulling the trigger for Miami before FSU came in with the offer to Eddie Jackson, who is a friend of his Coley’s. The ‘Canes are still in a good spot with him, but he will be up in Tallahassee on January 11th for an official so we will know a lot more after that trip. The interesting scenario with him is that somebody involved in his recruitment from each school left for another job. Eddie Gran was his main recruiter for FSU, and George McDonald, while not the main recruiter, had a relationship with him because he would have been his position coach. Coley’s lead recruiter from Miami is RB coach Terry Richardson.

-This is not 100% confirmed, but I would not be surprised to see Jermaine Grace announce his choice this week at the Semper Fidelis All-American Game. It’s been mentioned a few times by Miramar Guru, Cameron Underwood, that Grace was possibly waiting for an All-Star game to announce his intentions. Whether he does it this week or not, I still fully expect him to pick Miami.

-The more it drags out, the less I expect Tim Williams to pick Miami. I would say that the ‘Canes have a better chance to land Al-Quadin Muhammad from New Jersey, who will be announcing next Saturday at the Army All-American Game. While he was a longtime Notre Dame lean, there is now talk from multiple ND sources that there is a holdup with his grades and that their staff didn’t let him visit before that was cleared up. Just looking at the situation, it’s tough to imagine him picking ND without ever visiting, especially considering he has not moved his announcement back. I am cautiously optimistic this is heading towards Tyriq McCord territory from last year, but I’m not ready to completely say he will choose the ‘Canes. It is definitely trending upwards, though.

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Great stuff, can't wait to see Papa Cane lift it for himself on Twitter
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Peter Ariz again.
muhammad did visit us correct? i will be fine with either him or williams both would be awesome though.
Alex Collins would 100% be a Cane if it weren't for sanctions but I believe we still have a Great shot at him. Coley, we have a fair shot at I guess. I'm hearing so many different things about Keith Bryant that it ain't even funny Bruh, just wait till signing day on this one. I'm kinda dissappointed about Tim Williams cause I feel he really wants to go to Miami, in fact I noticed the other day that he followed Duke Johnson, Deon Bush, Tyriq and many more Cane players on twitter. Really think if we get him on an OV and his parents and him are comfortable with him goin to Miami he'll be a cane. Otherwise, the ****** *** Noles will get another recruit by default.
I really feel we got a shot at this Muhammad kid though, he actually recently followed me on instagram and I didn't even follow him first. That **** don't seem like much but why would he follow A Miami page if he wasn't feelin us.
Keith Bryant is going to unzip his skin from the back on signing day and reveal he is a 5'5, 155 pound ginger illusionist who has been pulling the greatest trick of all time since 9th grade.
AQM supposedly been rockin the U hat Grace gave him on the visit.
If Miami ends up not signing any DTs in this class, then Golden really bleeped up.
At this point, even if we get Keith Bryant I am not expecting much out of him. Reports of him gaining weight this year and his attitude leave me to believe he'll flame out pretty quickly wherever he lands.