Recruiting Chatter - 12/9

Recruiting Chatter - 12/9

Stefan Adams
The Canes held their largest official visitor contingent of the cycle to date last weekend, hosting 5 prospects including OL Kobe Baynes, TE Darnell Washington, LB Keyshawn Greene, CB Davonte Brown, and S Doneiko Slaughter.

I only have a few tidbits to add from what has already been reported. UM didn't land any silent commits this weekend, and nothing I heard moved the needle enough to put a UM pick in. Some are taking this to mean it was ultimately a bad weekend for Miami, but I'd have to disagree with that for a few reasons.

**For one, the only prospect really on commit watch was Baynes coming in; I'd consider Greene, Washington, and Brown as prospects that were always planning on taking time to think things over instead of a making a decision on the spot. As mentioned on Friday, Slaughter continues to be treated as a Plan B for if things don't work out with Jaiden Francois at safety.

**With that said, Miami did well with Baynes on the trip and my thoughts on him haven't changed; I see him as likely to end up in this class, but I haven't heard anything concrete enough for a pick just yet.

**Where Miami really improved their stock is with Greene, who came into the visit as a bit of a mystery. Obviously, Greene decommitted from FSU on the first day of the trip, a positive sign, but I wanted to get more of a sense if he'd like the city atmosphere of Miami and if he'd fit into the culture. A source directly involved with the visit thought he came off as very comfortable with the environment and that Miami made enough of a move to be considered the leader at this point. A huge unknown factor here is going to be how well he gets along with the new FSU staff this weekend, and I think that's part of why he's trying to keep things open, but UM is certainly in a favorable position going into the final week. It also seems he's settled on signing early as well.

**Brown was a recruit that I'm told was harder to get a read on, but that's not altogether surprising considering he has a very quiet personality. I'm still looking to hear more here.

**I didn't hear anything overly positive on TE Darnell Washington to make me think he is coming at this point, but I don't think it's completely over or anything. I know the staff still has some confidence and liked what they heard on the visit, and that is reflected in sending the entire offensive staff along with Manny Diaz to visit Washington in Vegas today. Feet to the fire, I still consider UGA as the leader until proven otherwise, but sources on the visit felt that he was genuinely keeping an open mind about Miami and engaging with the staff.

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But there is no reason to keep enough at this point if anybody better is on the market. But landing a Flowe, green, or Washington would be a naive tough on a class that is better then our record...
Idk, I know we all want bst Signals going up every week but I think they have managed to secure a at least decent class and potential he a very strong class
If we keep Rivers, Chaney and Chantz I really don’t care about the rest of the class tbh.
I’m at the point where I don’t even care who we get if we retain this staff. They will just underperform anyway.
With all due respect you should care if you're a Miami fan. Bringing in the best talent possible is always a huge priority. Retaining this JV staff has nothing to do with it. If we retain this staff and next year's sucks which it will then Manny and the whole staff will be gone and you want the next coach to have as much talent as possible to work with.