Recap: This Team Isn't Real...Beats NC State 44-37

Recap: This Team Isn't Real...Beats NC State 44-37

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously


Is this real life? Miami pulls some late game heroics out of their *** for the second time in as many weeks to move to 4-1 on the season, and 3-0 in conference play. The best conference start since 2004, when Miami joined the ACC. This team is young, dumb, and full of ***, but they don't care.
Once again this team fought through adversity (many of it self-inflicted) to come up with a touchdown in the final minute to get a victory. It was pretty bad in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with all the squandered scoring chances, but a win is a win, is a win, is a win.........



Here's what I said were the keys to victory in the gameday post:

4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can Morris stay hot?
2. Will Duke have another big day?
3. Can the secondary hold up?
4. Will there be any letdown after an emotional win?

1. Morris broke the UM and ACC passing yards record for a single game. Read that again. Most ever. 566 yards and 5 toucdowns. It was Gino Torretta's UM record that Stephen broke, and Gino was all class afterwards:


3m Stephen Morris ‏@S_Morris17
Thanks Gino, will do! RT @GinoTorretta: Congrats to @S_Morris17 for breaking my passing record and another victory. Great job! Ice that arm.

2. Duke scored a rushing TD in the second half and had a couple of explosive plays, but he wasn't as dynamic today as he's been this season. Only had 39 yards on 12 carries to go along with 24 receiving yards.

They gave up 440 yards passing to Glennon, but they were able to force turnovers again. McGee stripped the ball away from a receiver at the goal line. Telemaque forced a fumble when he smacked the running back. Finnie got a pick which lead to the game winning drive. And Highsmith picked off the final pass from Glennon as time expired. For as many yards as they gave up, they got the ball back for the offense enough times that the game should have been over a lot sooner and with a lot less drama.

4. Not so much a letdown, but once again the team raced out to a big 1st quarter lead and stood around as it disappeared. Whether it's Boston College, Georgia Tech, or NC State, this team doesn't yet know how to play with a lead or put a team away. It's going to bite us in the *** if it doesn't get fixed.

Let's jump into the recap.

1st Quarter:

The game starts out as a punting contest. Then NC State RB Tony Creecy runs through a Deon Bush facemask and a limp wristed attempted tackle by Gionni Paul and rumbles down to about the 5 yardline. Creecy punched it in on the next play. 7-0 NC State.

Morris started getting things going and hits Rashawn Scott for a 52 yard strike down to the 23. Then Morris hooked up with Hurns, who tightropes the edge of the endzone for a TD grab.


I didn't think it was a catch and neither did the officials. They reviewed it, and it stood.


All tied up at 7.

Fentress nearly killed the kick returner on the kick-off, which brought the dozens of people in attendance to their feet. All of the noise must have startled NC State, because a shotgun snap went over Glennon's head and into the endzone for a safety. 9-7 UM.

When UM gets the ball back, Morris decides to go back to his buddy Hurns for a 40 yard gain. They got so much chemistry they're like Maverick and Goose.


Morris draws the defense offsides with his cadence and hits Dorsett down the sideline for a touchdown. 16-7 UM.


Miami forces a quick 3 & out, and Dorsett returns the punt for a touchdown. A flag for a block in the back cancels it out. Gabe Terry **** near killed a dude with a crack-back block. Morris went back to his cadence and earned another free play. The CB, Amerson, quit on the play and Rashawn Scott streaked down the field for a 76 yard touchdown!!! 23-7 UM.


6h Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds
Second straight game Miami had a safety, second straight game Miami had a 23-0 scoring run. Bizarro.

NC State starts to move the ball down the field. That's when Gionni Paul atoned for his missed tackle and forces a fumble which is recovered by A.J. Highsmith.


Miami starts moving the offense again. He finds Mike James on a slip screen and he breaks 7 tackles to get inside the 10. A couple of plays later, Morris is pressured and he fires a pass high over Walford, who only gets his fingers on it, and the deflection is intercepted by NC State. Balls!!!

Mike Glennon decides he's done ******* around and throws a bomb over Antonio Crawford's head to hit Payton for a huge gain.

23-7 after the 1st quarter.

4h Michael Casagrande ‏@ByCasagrande
Miami's 23 first-quarter points was the most since beating Temple in 2005.

2nd Quarter:


Glennon hit's Creecy on a swing pass on the first play. 23-14 UM. 'Ol Mo just started to turn.

After a UM 3 & out, Glennon got his team moving again. That's when Eddie Johnson drilled him and forced a fumble and Shayon Green recovered it. UM is forced to settle for a FG, but Botts keeps it on a fake to set up 1st and goal at the 5. UM still can't punch it in, and are forced to kick a 19 yard field goal. Wieclaw doinks it off the upright. It should be 37-14, instead it's 23-14.

Glennon get's his team moving again. They get inside the 10 and one of their wide-outs tries to stretch for more yardage. McGee pulls a Teague and rips the ball out his hands and returns it to the 30.


That's a grown man play right there. Problem is the offense has gone ice cold by this point and promptly punts it back to the Wolfpack. Telemaque makes an appearance by forcing another fumble, and UM is right back in the redzone again. With this being the 4th recovered fumble of the game, surely UM will get points out of this right?


Wieclaw misses his 2nd kick and it was 23-14 at the half.

3rd Quarter:

UM forced a quick 3 & out, but Shayon Green roughed the punter and NC State was moving again. Glennon marched his team into the redzone and found Underwood for a touchdown. 23-21 UM.

Miami's offense is putrid at this point. A complete turnaround from the 1st quarter. After trading punts, Morris finds Dorsett for a 40 yard gain on a 3rd and long pass. The drive stalls and the team is forced to kick a field goal. NC State's Amerson jumped offsides, and UM returns the favor by scoring a touchdown on a drive that was kept alive from a special teams penalty. Morris pitched it to Duke for the score. 30-21 UM.

NC State took over at their own 3 when the return man fumbled the catch out of bounds. Glennon didn't seem to mind, and started marching his team toward Miami's endzone. 30-21 UM after 3 quarters.

4th Quarter:

NC State converts a 4th and 2 at midfield, and Eddie Johnson limps off to the sideline. ****. UM forces another 4th and short, this time Glennon finds a wide open target for a touchdown. NC State missed the XP and it was 30-27 UM.

Miami is driving and they are facing 3rd and long. Morris hits Dorsett again for a 46 yard reception. Morris rushes for 15 up the middle on a designed sneak on the next play. On the play after that, Morris shoots a bank shot off of the NC State safety's face mask and into the arms of Rashawn Scott. 37-27 UM.


Suck it.

Glennon kept firing, hitting a deep ball for a 61 yard gain inside the 5 yard line. SMH. He thew another TD pass 3 plays later. 37-34 UM.

Morris found Davon Johnson on another 3rd and long, and set up Wieclaw for his 3rd miss of the game.


Everyone's butt-hole was firmly clenched at this point.

NC State got into field goal range like it was nothing and the game was tied up at 37 with about 2 minutes left in the game.

Miami couldn't get past midfield, and had to punt with about 1:15 left on the clock. Then the D decided to step up and make a play. Glennon tried to hit his WR on an out and up, but the receiver stopped way short on the route and Finnie made the pick at 40 yard line with 42 seconds left. 2 plays later, Morris scrambled around in the pocket, rolled to his right and threw a 62 yard TD strike on a rope to Dorsett. 44-37 UM.




Unbelievable play from Morris. And what a day for Dorsett. Back to back 100 yard receiving days for him (191 yards, 2 TD). Scott had a big day too, going for 180 yards and 2 TD's himself.

AJ Highsmith picked off Glennon's desperation throw as time expired. Canes win 44-37.

Manny Navarro ‏@Manny_Navarro #UM's 651 yards of total offense ranks 3rd all-time in school history. Only games with more? 655 vs. BC (1984), 689 vs. UCLA (1998)

Manny Navarro ‏@Manny_Navarro
The 662 yards allowed by #UM to #NCST ranks 2nd all-time. Only time #UM gave up more: 670 to UCLA in 1998

This team will go as far the offense will carry them. And think about this, Mike James is the only starter that doesn't return next year.

Bring on Notre Dame.

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62 yard laser on the run and faked the linebacker number 34 out of his shoes. One of the best individual plays of any Hurricane ever . The guy hasnt even had a year of experience yet.
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