Recap: Miami Wrecks Georgia Tech 45-30

Recap: Miami Wrecks Georgia Tech 45-30

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
That'll do. As soon as Miami got out of their own way, Miami dominated the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters. Problem is it's a 4 quarter game. And if Georgia Tech didn't have a JV offense, we might have had a different outcome.


K9cane put it best in this thread, we took Georgia Tech's best shot in the opening round and we were seeing stars for a while. However, once we regathered our senses we pretty much controlled the remainder of the game on the way to the 45-30 win. We scored 2 touchdowns in the final 2 minutes to make our lead look bigger than it probably should have. That's what happens when you don't play 4 quarters. The good thing is that in the 2 games where we were truly tested, (this game and Florida) in the 4th quarter, our defense was the one who knocked. That's U-tough for you.

One more thing, our team defensive stats for rushing and passing are going to be all kinds of fubar'd because of this game. Our team rushing defense will plummet and our pass defense efficiency will skyrocket. We gave up 335 yards on the ground today, and only 66 through the air. So don't freak out tomorrow when our season stats say we give up "X" yards per game on average on the ground and "Y" through the air. This game isn't a barometer for our defense, at least not as far as stats go. It was more about toughness, both mentally and physically.



Here's what I said were the main story lines in the game day post:

1. Can we score early and often?


Unlike last year, Georgia Tech was the team that jumped out to an early lead. It was 17-7 at the end of the 1st quarter. Most of that was our own doing. With 1st quarter turnovers by both Morris and Duke, Miami was unable to establish an early rhythm. It also didn't help that the defense couldn't get off the field...

2. Can we force Georgia Tech into 3rd and long?


Georgia Tech controlled the field and carried the play throughout most of the 1st half. We couldn't get them to punt, much less force them into tough down and distance situations. Scoring so quickly on our 1st possession, combined with our 2 turnovers in the opening period made the time of possession look absurd. Georgia Tech had the ball for 13:01 and UM had the ball for just 1:59. The good news is that once the defense adjusted, we outscored them 38 to 6 from then on until Georgia Tech tacked on a meaningless touchdown in garbage time.

3. Can Morris have another big day?


Aside from his two interceptions, Morris had a really big game. He was 17 of 22 for 324 yards and 3 touchdowns. His rollout to the right on his throw to Stacy Coley in the 4th quarter is pure ***. It was a 45 yard gain, on a rope, on the run, and on 1 foot. I think he's still hurt. Too bad the announcers never clarified that for us or brought up his health. It could've really brought something to the broadcast. It's just a shame they didn't mention it once.

4. Can we win the turnover battle?


UM lost the turnover battle 4 to 3, but the important thing is Miami turned all 3 Yellow Jacket turnovers into touchdowns. Georgia Tech was only able to turn 2 of Miami's 4 turnovers into points. That now makes 4 out of 5 games where UM's defense has forced at least 3 turnovers, with FAU being the only exception (1). Through 5 games UM has scored 56 points off of turnovers (11.2 points per game).

Lets Recap.

About 30 minutes before the game, we learned that Seantrel Henderson was suspended for the game because he violated team rules. Whatever. Basketball coaches Katie Meier and Jim Larranaga were the honorary captains for today's game.


Still can't believe we won an ACC title in basketball before football.


1st Quarter:

Miami kicks off to open the game and Georgia Tech gets started moving the ball down the field. Miami forces a 3rd and short but they pick up the 1st down on a 24 yard gain and get into UM territory. Miami forces 4th and short. GT goes for it and David Sims picks up the 1st down. 5 plays later Sims scores on a 7 yard run.


7-0 GT. It was the 1st time Miami had trailed all year. It had also been over 362 minutes since Miami trailed at all, going all the way back to the end of the Virginia game last year. This was awesome in my opinion because now I don't have to read anymore stupid jinx threads about things the team hasn't done yet, only to happen in the next game.

Miami takes over and Duke Johnson takes the handoff for a 33 yard gain. On the very next play Morris play fakes to Duke and throws a 40 yard bomb to Phillip Dorsett for the touchdown.



Tie game 7-7. LOL, this drive took only 32 seconds. Great catch by Dorsett with his fingertips. I didn't think he'd be able to run underneath the throw.

GT starts moving again and gets to midfield before finally getting forced into a 3rd and long situation. They pick up the 1st down anyway when Vad Lee threw a pass over Thurston Armbrister's head. This prompts the announcers to bring up the story where Armbrister's mom named him after Thurston Howell III, or "the Millionaire", from Gilligan's Island. So TheFranchise was actually dead on with this nickname. Anyways, UM forces GT to settle for a field goal. 10-7 GT.

After a screen pass to Stacy Coley picks up a 1st down, Duke scoots his way up to midfield with an impressive run. Problem is he fumbles while getting tackled.


GT takes over at their own 46. The Yellow Jackets scored 3 plays later when Charles Perkins took a pitch and ran down the sideline for a 31 yard touchdown run.


17-7 GT. It's not looking good. After forcing a field goal, we had a drive going for a chance to take the lead in the 1st quarter. Instead we're losing by 10. But fear not. Morris has got this, and...he throws a pick right to Chris Milton who returns it to midfield. Uh-oh. What's bad is Morris audibled into that play and seemed to be in a rush to get the play off before the quarter ended. No idea why. The 1st quarter ends with UM still losing 17-7.

2nd Quarter:

Georgia Tech converts on 4th and short, then again on 3rd and short to get into the redzone. 2 plays later Justin Renfrow gets a paw on the ball and strips it out of Lee's hands.


Jimmy Gaines recovers it, bailing out his team at the right time. Play of the game right there. GT is driving into Miami territory with a chance to take a 24-7 lead in the 1st half. Instead we start driving the other way to make it a 1 possession game. A 27 yard screen to Duke gets UM to midfield. Morris then throws short passes to Walford and Crawford to get into the redzone. An 8 yard pass to Hurns sets up 1st and goal. On the next play Stephen throws it Walford for a 4 yard TD pass. 17-14 GT.

Justin Thomas is now in at QB. God knows why. Georgia Tech quickly gets to midfield but Miami's defense finally starts to assert themselves and forces a 3rd and long situation for the Yellow Jackets. Thomas' pass falls incomplete and GT has to punt, the 1st for either team. After the punt, Morris throws a bullet to Hurns for a 29 yard gain out to midfield. Then Morris throws it to Coley for a 22 yard gain. 4 plays later it's 4th and 1 from the GT 7 yard line. Golden bleeds the clock and decides to kick a field goal. It was the right call. It ties the game and we have the ball to start the 2nd half. Goudis drills it to tie the game at 17 a piece. UM only had the ball for 8:10 of the 1st half. When you consider that and the 2 turnovers, we were fortunate to have a tie game.

3rd Quarter:

UM and GT trade 3 and outs and it's Miami's turn on offense again. After Morris takes a sack, Duke regains the lost yardage on a 21 yard run for a 1st down to the 45 yard line. After 3 straight completions to Dorsett to get into GT territory, Morris dumps it off to Maurice Hagens for a 15 yard gain. Mo gets rewarded by getting the ball again on a fullback dive for another 7 yards on the next play. Then Duke takes it inside the 3 yard line, but the play gets called back because Shane McDermott was flagged for holding. 2 plays later it's 3rd and long. Morris faces heavy pressure from his left side and forces a throw that gets picked off by Quayshawn Nealy, who returns it all the way to the Miami 48 yard line. It's starting to feel like one of those games.

GT sucks, so they punt it back to UM a few plays later. After a couple of decent runs by Duke, Miami moves backwards again because of penalties. This time it's Jon Feliciano who was holding. Because of that UM is facing 3rd and long a few plays later. Morris throws an out to Hurns for the 1st down. It was identical to the play at the end of the 3rd quarter against Florida where Hurns spun off the DB and raced down the sideline. Only this time Hurns had Dorsett blocking down field for him and he goes 69 yards for the score.


24-17 UM. Big time blocking by Dorsett down field. I was expecting a flag on him for holding but they didn't call anything. Whatever. I guess that makes up for all the B.S. spots throughout the game. UM forces GT to go 3 and out. Great play by Anthony Chickillo on 3rd down to force the play wide and prevent the running back from turning the corner. UM enters the 4th quarter still up 24-17.

4th Quarter:

To open the 4th quarter GT punts it short. Dorsett comes racing up to catch it but he drops it, and the Yellow Jackets recover it at the Miami 42 yard line. Georgia Tech wastes no time and rides David Sims into the red zone. He converts for them on 4th and short, then again on 3rd and short. 4 plays later it's 1st and goal at the 6. Lee hands it off to Sims again who runs up the middle practically untouched for the touchdown.


This is the only thought going through my head at this point:


Kinda like UVA last year, where no matter what we did we couldn't pull away from them. Then GT had a Ray Finkel moment. The long snapper for the Yellow Jackets sucks and sent a crappy snap to the holder. The holder didn't have enough time to spin the ball on the hold and the laces weren't facing out. It causes the kicker to shank the extra point. 24-23 UM.

When UM takes over, they decide to start bleeding some clock. They go with 5 straight handoffs to Duke and it takes them to the 44 yard line of GT. 2 plays later Morris play fakes to Crawford, then rolls to his right and throws a dart to Coley for a 41 yard gain.


On the next play Crawford runs it up the middle and the ball is spotted inside the 1 yard line. The booth reviews it, and determines that Crawford fumbled and recovered it for a touchdown. It's now 31-23 with only 7:15 left.

On the ensuing kickoff Deon Bush drills some guy with a big hit.


GT starts doing some stuff, then Lee finds Darren Waller for a 27 yard gain to get into UM territory. GT can't do much else and end up facing a 4th and 7 from the Miami 38 yard line. Green and Gaines come storming through the backfield to provide pressure and force Lee into a throw to Waller. Rayshawn Jenkins reads it like Calvin & Hobbes and comes up with the pickle.


What a picture. 5 straight runs with Duke gives Miami a 1st down at the GT 18 yard line. Crawford comes in to relieve Duke and scores on the very next play on an 18 yard touchdown run.



38-23 UM with 1:46 left in the game. With the game basically over GT puts backup QB Justin Thomas back in the game. UM responds by putting their backups into the game too. The problem for GT is that Alquadin Muhammad and Tyriq McCord had been on the bench all game and were probably pretty ****ed about it. On 1st down Thomas sees Quan coming from his left and steps to his right in response...right into McCord.


It causes a fumble that GT recovers. On the very next play Quan and McCord beat their man again and force Thomas into an ill-advised throw. Gunter jumps it and takes it home for 6.


45-23 UM. This was the 1st time since Antrel Rolle against Louisiana Tech in 2003 that a UM corner back had a pick 6. Since then we've had safeties do it (Taylor 2003, and Armstrong 2010). We've had linebackers do it (Spence 2008, Sharpton 2009, and Perryman 2012). ****, we've even had defensive linemen do it (Regis 2010). But for 10 years we didn't have a corner get a pick 6 until yesterday. That speaks to several things, like a lack of talent or just not putting guys in position to make plays. Zero reason why that should be possible for that amount of time at a school like Miami.

Georgia Tech puts in their 3rd string QB and the 3rd stringers of both teams slap fight each other for the remainder of the game. GT scores with 10 seconds left on the clock to make the final score 45-30 UM.


Suck on that, Paul. Feels good to still be undefeated in October. Our next game is 2 Thursdays from now against 1-4 UNC on the road. It will provide another test for our defense as they will have the best passing game we will have faced all year. They have legitimate weapons at each position on offense. Time to get healthy.

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Sterling work as usual!

That stat about CB's and pic 6's is both exciting and depressing at the same time.
Would definitely read again. Well done sir.
Dallas Crawford, what a suprise.

All the kid does is score TD's.
Almost as good as seeing on TV, great re-cap and prospective. It's interesting you would bring up the announcers, had to shut down voice.
Looks like Morris didn't like the commentating either:

Stephen Morris ‏@S_Morris17 9h
And the ankle is fine lol. Buddy was tripping whoever was commentating the game. They must not know about how great my oline is.
Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd 17h
Only thing worse than watching your favorite team get off to a slow start is when the announcers annoy you from minute one.
We finally got a ******* Pick 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting all year for one.
The future: pass rush by McCord and Quan on the Gunter interception. Really something to look forward to.
Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd 17h
Only thing worse than watching your favorite team get off to a slow start is when the announcers annoy you from minute one.

You had to hear it to believe it.
was it just me or did it seem like the line judges kept taking yards off of our gains and even a touchdown in the case of dallas crawford which they later gave back? Then they would add on yards to the end of each of georgia tech's plays. And then the penalty for celebrating that touchdown?? wtf? like that doesn't happen in every game. **** i know they don't like the U but god **** let's not be that obvious.
Thanks for the recap bro, can't wait til the flash forward is up since I missed the game
Thanks, great summary - missed a bit of the game due to interference - and you filled it in nicely. One thing you caught which was a favorite part of the game for me, was Flowers picking up Duke after a run...not the helping hand the players always offer - he literally picked him up by the shoulder pads straight up in one motion. U Tough I'll say.
Note to the gator; "You can turnover the ball a bunch and still win! Unless, of course you just are getting your head beat in!"
was it just me or did it seem like the line judges kept taking yards off of our gains and even a touchdown in the case of dallas crawford which they later gave back? Then they would add on yards to the end of each of georgia tech's plays. And then the penalty for celebrating that touchdown?? wtf? like that doesn't happen in every game. **** i know they don't like the U but god **** let's not be that obvious.

Not to mention the fact that the GT OLine would leave before the snap of the ball on just about every **** play