Recap: Miami Rallies & Beats Georgia Tech in OT 42-36

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
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What a game! Most intense game I've seen since the FSU thriller back in '09. It had pretty much everything. Long passing/running plays, a gruesome injury, a lulzworthy safety, retarded referees, and overtime. This is where U tough pays off, because I don't think there's any doubt that Miami loses this kind of game last year. It really started to remind me of the Virginia Tech game last year as the 4th quarter was winding down, only this time we came out on top. So many guys made plays and deserve recognition, I'll try not to leave any of them out.



Here's what I said were the keys to victory in the gameday post:

4 storylines for UM in this game:
1. Can the front 7 hold up?
2. How much will they miss Perryman?
3. Will Morris get his **** together?
4. Can UM finally score first and take an early lead?

1. Errrrrr...Yes and no. In the 1st quarter, they looked great. Then Georgia Tech adjusted and started gashing the D throughout the 2nd and 3rd quarters. They eventually got their **** together in the 4th and made a goal line stand in OT to set up the win. Considering who was out with an injury, pretty nice to get the win.

2. A lot. The team looked lost during the middle of the game. But Chickillo and Johnson made crucial plays in the 4th quarter and OT to bring home a W.

3. He wasn't perfect. He missed a lot of guys (wide open guys) with overthrows and threw a bad pick, but so what. I'll just let this explain Morris' game:

Jimmy Gill ‏@jgill027
Stephen Morris threw for 436 yards today, the fifth-most in school history. First time a Canes QB reached 400 since Dorsey at WVU in 2002.
Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds
Most passing yards by a UM quarterback in a game: Torretta 485, Torretta 468, Erickson 467, Kosar 447, Stephen Morris 436 today.


4. LOL. It's pretty obvious that taking the lead doesn't exactly mean much to this team since we promptly squandered and still had to play catch-up. I'm not going to complain about not scoring first ever again. For now, "just ******* win", should be the only thing UM fans worry about with this team. **** style points, because this team isn't ready for that yet.

Let's jump into the recap.

1st Quarter:

UM won the coin toss and wasn't gonna **** around to start the game this week. Morris found Dorsett wide-the-****-open for a 65 yard touchdown pass. 7-0 UM. Dorsett finished the game with 184 yards receiving, which is good for 7th most all time.

After trading punts, UM starts driving again. Morris found Dorsett again for another big catch. The drive stalls and Wieclaw boots in the field goal. 10-0 UM.

This is where we saw that this game was going to be crazy. On the ensuing kickoff, Orwin Smith hesitated when he tried to exit the endzone on his return. He took a knee, but had already brought the ball over the plane of the goal line. Safety!! 12-0 UM.


UM started with the ball at the 50 and kept moving the ball. This is when Morris started looking shaky. He completed several throws, but they were extremely dangerous that should have been picked. Then Malcolm Lewis caught a pass over the middle and got the ball inside the 5 yardline. When he was tackled his leg got rolled underneath a defensive player and dislocated his ankle.


Yikes. Doctors had to first re-set his ankle before putting him in an air cast and carting him off. The pain was so extreme, Malcolm had to hold onto Al Golden.


Poor kid.


After a delay for Malcolm's medical attention, Mike James punched it in 3 plays later to make it 19-0 UM after 1 period of play.


2nd Quarter:

UM seemed to have it control, then Golden got flagged because the dumbassed referee ran into him. The exact call was, "15 yards on the defense, for running into the coach". Needless to say, Golden wasn't impressed.


Washington threw a wheel route on the next play to one of their running backs who burned Rayshawn Jenkins. GT had the ball inside the 10. Orwin Smith punched it in 2 plays later, 19-7 UM.

UM tried to respond immediately with Dorsett making a long catch and run. Unfortunately, Dorsett got stripped and GT took over. They marched down the field and before you could blink it was 19-14 UM.

The team started to look rattled and quickly punted it. GT returned it to the Miami 23 when the gunners incorrectly thought the return man had signaled for a fair catch. To make matters worse, Botts got injured on the return and was seen on crutches on the sideline. Matt Goudis spelled him to make his Miami debut. Tevin Washington waltzed in a few plays later. A 2 point conversion to made it 22-19 GT. We got spotted 19 points in the first quarter and now we're losing. Morris threw a horrible interception on our next possession and the wheels were officially off. 22-19 at haftime.

3rd Quarter:

GT opened up the 3rd quarter by moving 65 yards on 3 plays to make it 29-19 GT. Miami's offense is struggling and they punt it right back. Washington throws a pass over Kacey Rodgers' head, and it's 1st and goal GT already. Washington runs over Rodgers on the very next play. 36-19 GT.


With Miami being down by 3 scores, it was time to nut up or shut up. Morris proceeds to lead the team on a drive that is longer than your life. It was a 17 play drive but it only leads to a field goal. Still, they put together a drive and gave their defense a chance to rest and regroup. The D stepped up and forced a punt and Morris started driving again. 36-22 GT after 3 periods of play.

4th Quarter:

Rashawn Scott makes huge leaping catch over a defender to set up UM at the 15. Mike James runs over all 11 GT defenders for a 15 yard touchdown on the very next play. 36-29 GT.

Miami almost forced a quick 3 and out, but a bull**** pass interference penalty kept their drive alive. Anthony Chickillo didn't give a **** about a flag, and sacked Washington 3 plays later to force a punt.

UM starts driving for the tying score, and Duke busts a big run down to the 5. Everyone thought Mike James scored a TD two plays later, but Paul Johnson called a timeout before the ball was snapped.



No clue what Morris was thinking on the next few plays, UM settles for a field goal try. However, Wieclaw misses the 22 yard chip shot. **** me.

Miami was able to force a punt, and took over from their own 9 with 2:06 left on the clock. Naturally, with the game on the line, Morris went to his go to receiver in this situation...Davon Johnson. I'm not joking. Davon has made big catches on 3rd down all year long and made 2 or 3 on this drive alone to get us past midfield. Davon finished the game with 9 catches for 107 yards.

A pass interference penalty sets up 1st and goal, and Morris finds James for the touchdown with :33 left. We're going to Overtime all tied up at 36.



UM wins the coin toss and plays defense. GT starts marching inside the 5, but UM stiffens, and forces 4th and inches from the 2 yardline. Paul Johnson decides to go for it. He knew he needed a touchdown here because we had all the momentum. Tevin Washington sneaks it and Eddie Johnson stones him. Turnover on downs. Gif that summed up this play:


Mike James didn't waste any time. On second down James decided to score his 4th touchdown, so he found a crease on the left side and housed it. Game Over ******* 42-36 UM.


Al Golden was pleased:


Love this kid. He's not flashy, and has taken a backseat to Lamar Miller, and now Duke Johnson from the fanbase. He's a total team guy and this tweet from him after the game sums up what he's about.

Mike James ‏@Prince_James5
Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.

Miami is now 3-1, undefeated in conference play, and in sole possession of first place in the Coastal division. Bring on NC State.

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This game was gut wrenching. Extreme ups and extreme downs, finally yielding a great finish. Best game in recent history, and does nothing but help this program.
Love that tweet from Mike James!!!! Go Canes
Good stuff Dan! Your reporting is accurate, different, and amusing.
Got **** Golden looked like I was feeling after the game.
The north endzone where a bunch of Canes were sitting got so hyped after James ended it. Beautiful scene to be involved in.
We get more fans on the road. Why not play away every game where the energy and enthusiasm trumps Dead Life?
Love it. And Phil Steele picked us second to last over Duke in the Coastal.

We'll still hit some bumps in the road, but if this team can shore up the small mistakes, limit the penalties, and Morris work on his touch....we'll be fine.

Chickillo showed up today and it was much needed.
We get more fans on the road. Why not play away every game where the energy and enthusiasm trumps Dead Life?

I'm telling you if we had a 55,000 seating capacity for our stadium it would be filled more often than not.

Crowd noise can't be heard at Sun Life bc the fans are seated about 20 yards away from the field.
Really well done Dan. This was a true classic, one that will go down in Canes history.
That's now two close games (road games too) that we managed to pull out.

After falling short time after time in close games we are finally seeing guys make a play when we absolutely have to have one. Feeling pretty good.
I can't believe how loud our fans sounded on tv. Especially at the end. Props to all the travelers.
That game was awesome to attend. So many Canes in ATL, the ATL Hurricane Club always has a huge turnout at events. Mike James!!! My voice is gone!
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Dan E. Dangerously again.
We get more fans on the road. Why not play away every game where the energy and enthusiasm trumps Dead Life?

I'm telling you if we had a 55,000 seating capacity for our stadium it would be filled more often than not.

Crowd noise can't be heard at Sun Life bc the fans are seated about 20 yards away from the field.

Lol @ 20 yards....closer to 40 for the first row. In a dream world we find a way to build a 50-55k stadium somewhere near campus.....