Recap: Gators Suck, Canes Win 21-16

Recap: Gators Suck, Canes Win 21-16

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
The Canes proved that they weren't going to be pushed around anymore after probably the biggest win in almost 10 years, defeating UiF 21-16 at SunLife Stadium.


I am so god**** happy right now. If this is the last time we ever play those ***-clowns, let it be written that we won the final meeting. And don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out, Gators. We were underdogs in our own house, and weren't picked by many "experts" to win.





Here's what I said were the main story lines in the gameday post:

1. Can Miami's offense produce against a legit defense?


Meh, we had something like 4 consecutive 3 and outs at one point. We started hot and hung on for dear life for the remaining 45 minutes of the game. UM finished with just 212 yards of offense. I'll take it though since we won.

2. Can Duke be Duke again?


He had nowhere to go in the final 3 quarters. After the 1st 2 drives, UF's front four pwned our entire offensive line the rest of the game. It ended up not mattering since we got the W. He finished the game with 59 yards on 21 carries. He did seal the game with a TD run from about 2 yards out. FSU is the only team left on our schedule that can do what UF did today, so I guess that's a good thing.

3. Will Miami's OL protect Morris from UF's pass rush?


UF only had 1 sack, but Powell, Easley, or Fowler were in Morris' face almost every time he dropped back to throw from the 2nd quarter and on. Morris took several big hits and Florida forced him to move around in the pocket several times. Eventually, Coley seemed to call a QB rollout with a moving pocket on all passing plays in the 2nd half.

4. Is Miami's defense really better than last year?


Now, we did give up over 400 yards of offense, including nearly 300 yards through the air. But once UF got in the redzone, they started to fall apart. Our D stepped up with physical play and forced a lot of turnovers. They forced DriskLOL into 2 picks and Jimmy Gaines forced a fumble late in the 1st half. They also rose up and stuffed a 4th and short sneak attempt. That's 4 trips in the redzone with zero points to show for it. Helluva job by coach D. If I told you yesterday that we'd win the game because of our defense, what would you have said?

Lets recap.


1st Quarter:

UF gets the ball first since UM deferred for the 2nd half and UF starts driving. After a couple of runs by Matt Jones and a big play action pass by Driskel UF is quickly in UM territory. A cheap shot by Trey Burton's untalented little brother knocked Gunter out of the game and moved UF back to the 50 yard line. Remember when DMoney started this thread asking who would set the tone for our team early in the game? Well, Denzel Perryman loudly said, "ME" and separated Matt Jones from the football.


Curtis Porter pounced on it and UM was in business. It would be the 1st of many turnovers for UF today. They started moving into the redzone with short passes through the air and Duke Johnson on the ground. Then Easley commits a roughing the passer penalty setting up 1st and goal at the 7. Two plays later Morris found Herb Waters for 6.



UM up 7-0.

UM forces the Gators to punt and Miami quickly goes 3 and out. Then Purifoy runs in and blocks O'Donnell's punt...Gators take over deep in UM territory. Jeff Driskel walks into the endzone 2 plays later. UF came out in the Emory and Henry formation and go for 2 instead of the easy extra point. The defense stops it and the score is 7-6 UM. UM takes over and starts moving the ball out to midfield. Morris drops back after a play action fake and throws a 52 yard bomb to Phillip Dorsett.




14-6 UM.

A bad kickoff by O'Donnell lets the Gators take over at their own 35. Driskell throws a bomb of his own to Solomon Patton for a 46 yard gain. All of a sudden the Gators are in the redzone. Driskel scrambles 2 plays later and Luther Robinson commits a dumb late hit penalty, which gives UF 1st and goal at the end of the 1st quarter with UM still leading 14-6.

During the break between quarters, it was time for UM to honor the basketball team with their ACC Championship rings.



After that, Sebastian did this before the start of the 2nd Quarter (skip ahead to the 30 second mark):


2nd Quarter:

After 2 plays it's 3rd and goal from the 11 and UF is pressing for a touchdown. UM rushes 3, and drops 8 guys into the endzone and are still able to get pressure. Driskel throws off his back foot and Rayshawn Jenkins jumps it and returns it to about the 30 before being brought down by Driskel.



It's so awesome seeing a safety making a big play while wearing number 26. I'm sure you thought of the same thing at this moment. I started to have all kinds of good feels. Porter didn't have his head turned and wasn't able to block Driskel after the pick was made. Jenkins would have scored if he had, but it's whatever. Dude played huge for us today so I'm not complaining.

UM goes 3 and out quickly and UF starts moving the football again. They get down to UM's 17 on 3rd and short but get stuffed. Corch Muschamp elects to go for it and Driskel calls his own number:


No sir, not even close. Turnover on downs. UM goes 3 and out again and O'Donnell flips the field with a gigantic punt. UF goes to work again moving the ball into UM territory. Time is ticking away in the 1st half and Florida desperately wants points to close out the 1st half with positive momentum. Driskel finds Burton on a short pass, but Jimmy Gaines punches the ball out and Thurston Armbrister falls onto the ball. That makes 2 turnovers and 1 turnover on downs for UF in the redzone so far. UM kneels on the ball to close out the half. UM's OL stares down UF's front 7. They begin chirping each other as time ticks off the clock. UM still leads 14-6.

3rd Quarter:

UM receives to start the 2nd half since they deferred to open the game. UM goes 3 & out...again. UF takes over and before you can say, "what happened to our offense?", the Gators are in UM territory again. The Canes defense forces them into 3rd and long and UF settles for a 33 yard field goal. UM still leads 14-9.

The play calling is leaving a lot to be desired as the offense goes 3 and out for the 4th straight time. UF can't do anything with it and punt it right back. UM finally picks up a 1st down when Morris finds Walford for a 10 yard gain. UF's defensive line, particularly Easley, is now officially wreaking havoc at the line of scrimmage and force a 3rd and long. Then Ronald Powell abuses the entire right side of the offensive line to sack Morris. Powell cut inside and it looked like Henderson just released him for either Linder or McDermott to take care of. Neither of them did and Morris went down.

After Miami punts, the defense forces UF into a 3 and out and Miami finally starts doing something on offense. Morris finds Waters again for a short pass. Then on the next play he hits Hurns on the sideline, who breaks free from a tackle by Purifoy, and then runs 36 yards down the sideline to close out the 3rd quarter. UM still leads 14-9.

4th Quarter:

As the 4th quarter begins I see a stat that's disconcerting as all ****. Last year, UM was outscored 113-102 in the 4th quarter. Meanwhile, UF outscored opponents 128-32 in the final frame. That's a nerve-racking stat when you are clinging to a 5 point lead against a hated rival. We are essentially playing the style of game UF wants to play and yet we still lead. UM ends up having to punt and Artie Burns almost downs it at the 1 yardline but he can't control the bouncing ball. Matt Jones makes a 20 yard run up the middle, but it gets negated for a holding penalty. Florida punts a few plays later and UM takes over at their own 35.

Duke finally gets positive yardage and picks up 9 yards. Former UM recruiting target Jabari Gorman hits him hard and Duke is shaken up. Hagens gets in the action by plowing his way up the middle for the 1st down after a 7 yard gain. Then Clements runs off the left tackle for a big gain down to the Gator 30 yard line. The play is brought back however because of a B.S. holding call on Flowers. On the next play, Florida blitzes one of their corners and Dorsett is uncovered. Morris throws it to him, but Dorsett isn't even looking. Then Miami tries a reverse with Waters and it gets blown up in the backfield. Now facing 3rd and 25 Morris gets pressured and over throws Dorsett. The ball sails and is picked off by Vernon Hargreaves, who returns it to UM's 46 yard line.

Florida gets into the redzone before you can blink. I was still ****ed off about the phantom holding call on Flowers. On 3rd down Driskel rolls right and is picked off by Tracy Howard. That now makes 3 turnovers (2 picks) for the Gators in the redzone. It was the 4th of the game. Miami goes 3 and out and punts it back to Florida with about 5:30 left in the game. The Gators take over at the 14 and are facing 3rd and long. All last year, when Miami needed a big stop on passing downs, they couldn't come up with the big play that was neccessary. Tyriq McCord said that **** stops today:


He came around the edge and drilled Driskel from the blindside and got the coveted sack/fumble combo. He ended up recovering it too. It was now 1st and goal Miami. Two plays later, Dante Fowler gets flagged for pass interference while trying to cover Asante Cleveland in the endzone.


Stop cheating Gators!! It sets up 1st and goal from the 2. Duke runs it in on the next play for the touchdown.


UM now leads 21-9.

After a short squib kick the Gators take over at their own 40. Driskel finds Dunbar for a 32 yard gain and UF is back in the redzone with about 2:30 left in the game. On the next play the UM defensive backs allow Solomon Patton to get wide open and Driskel finds him for 21 yard touchdown. It's now 21-16 UM. WTF? It's like the defense reverted back to 2012 form. UF goes for the onside kick but it's recovered by UM.

Miami goes 3 and out and punts it back to Florida with less than 30 seconds remaining. On the 1st play Anthony Chickillo steps up and gets a coverage sack for a loss of 8. UF is out of timeouts and the clock is running. Driskel finally snaps it, but someone on the UF offensive line moved. Since the clock was running at the time of the penalty, it caused a 10 second run off. There were only 4 seconds left on the clock so that was the game. Canes win 21-16.


Game, blouses. UM has a bye week and then Savannah St. comes to town. Miami hasn't started 3-0 since 2004. That's about to change.

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Excellent as always Dan. I continue to Marvel at home our own officials try to fck us over even when we play OOC.
That smoke that went up in our stands was dope. Mark my words, just like we started the smoke out of the tunnel tradition, this is the new version and every team will bite this too. The U baby!
Very Very entertaining write up, love it, love the animations and replays.

******* awesome seeing sebastian stomping on that gator
I hate the gaytors more than 5 oclock traffic in a car with no ac and the heater stuck on high. Thanks Canes for bringing elation to my life
Miami hasn't started 3-0 since 2004. That's about to change.

holy **** that is hard to believe. thank god we are heading back in the right direction
That team started 6-0 before losing at UNC in October.

i remember that game. we lost when they kicked a fg with no time left. i could not believe we managed to lose to a basketball school back then

connor barth, a freshman kicker beat us. he went on to kill us several times over the course of his years at UNC. hopefully those days are done because we probably will be in a similar situation this year, heading into UNC undefeated and ranked high this october 17th.