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Realus George talks commitment

Realus George talks commitment

Peter Ariz

The Hurricanes landed an important piece to their recruiting class today when one of the nation’s top fullbacks, Realus George committed after visiting this weekend. The Pace Academy (Atlanta) product broke down his decision with Canesinsight.

“When I got to Miami, it was crazy. You can feel the different energy and it felt like I was at home,” George said. “It was the most energetic stadium I’ve ever been in.”

George said that he promised his high school coach he would wait until after the season to commit. Friday night after playing in the final game of his team’s season, the versatile fullback said his mind immediately shifted towards a decision. Mark Richt was a major reason for his comfort level with the UM program right off the bat.

“Everyone knows Coach Richt is a great guy. He’s real smooth and charming, but what you’ve heard about him is what you get. He’s very genuine and he’s a traditional, old-school football coach who likes to keep a fullback and play a hard-nosed style,” George said about his future head coach. “You can feel his peacefulness and good energy when you’re around him,” he added.

George, who does it all in his high school film, will be a much-needed piece for the Canes offense, which has lacked a fullback they can rely on.

“Miami is in such a good place right now in college football and I think that I can come in and block for the great running backs in my class like Lorenzo and Cam to lead block for those guys. I can run the ball myself in short-yardage and I’m pretty hard to stop, I think. I can catch out of the backfield too if you watch my tape. I can even play linebacker in a goal-line defense if they want me there,” George said about his expected role.


Running backs coach Thomas Brown is George’s primary recruiter.

“I like how real he is. He told me truthfully that they don’t really have any scholarship fullbacks, but that I have to come in and work for it – they won’t just hand it to me,” he said.

He was beyond impressed with the UM fanbase as well.

“Best fans I’ve seen in my life. Even on Twitter, they were so proactive and stuff. They make me want to come back every day.”

George’s school does not allow for early enrollees, but he said that he will sign in December during the early period.

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This is about as great a win/win as you can get. George is hungry and ready to come in and knock heads. Love the pickup and this young man's attitude.

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Is he having to come in as a preferred walk on?
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“It was the most energetic stadium I’ve ever been in.”

Haven’t heard someone say this about our stadium in a long, long time
Realus George

Running Back, Class of 2018

6-2, 245 lbs — From Atlanta, GA (Pace Academy)
4.77s 40 (&#1 0008;) · 32.0" Vert (&#1 0008;) · 275lb Bench (&#1 0008;) · Highlights · Photo

247 † #47 ILB [URL=https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 20[/URL] in GA [URL=https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 305[/URL] overall
Rivals ★★★ #1 FB - -
Scout † #55 ILB #2 ILB in GA -
ESPN - - - -
Composite ★★★ #60 ILB #1 35 in GA #1 420 overall
† Since acquiring Scout earlier this year, 247Sports has stopped publishing Scout star ratings and 247 star ratings. They now only provide composite star ratings.

Currently uncommited.
- Appalachian State
- Boston College
- Georgia Southern
- Memphis
- Mercer
- Miami (FL)
- Miami (OH)
- Navy
- Troy
- Virginia
Kid a bulldozer. 3 and 1 or Goaline. All Day.
Another thing a good FB is very useful for, and he even plays DT so I'm sure he's ready for this, is coming after the punter. This dude will be bulldozing the blockers right back into the punter for the next 4 years.

He's got the quickness to get there in time and the brute strength the put them on their ass or run them through the punter (similar to Garvin's blocked punt a few games ago)
Ok this kid is really athletic for his size. He's got a great first step (could see that at DT), and he hits like a truck.

This guy will play multiple positions for us no doubt. FB, ST's, goalline defense maybe (lower center of gravity).

Wonder how good his hands are.
Ok this kid is really athletic for his size. He's got a great first step (could see that at DT), and he hits like a truck.

This guy will play multiple positions for us no doubt. FB, ST's, goalline defense maybe (lower center of gravity).

Wonder how good his hands are.

He has great hands doing 1 hand catches and all. Great get
Love how he mentioned how he was looking forward to blocking for Lingard and Cam
Reminds me of a young Craig Heyward. He has that same little wiggle that Ironhead had in the open field. You know, where he moves about 2 inches and guys just miss. I love guys like this.
Just watched the film. HOLY ****! This kid can move!
He's a lot more than just a guy who is heavy that can straight at the LOS. He is nimble and coordinated for his size. FB isn't going to be a regular part of this offense, but I think we just got a great situational player that will contribute in a significant way for 4 years on offense, special teams, and possibly even some defense.
I recall Maurice Hagans was supposed to be a similar role - kid was a monster and blew up people in HS. Hopefully this kid is the goods. I don't get it, though - are we going to I formation on goal line or short yardage now? I thought we wanted to move away from that antiquated way of running the ball?

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