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Punter Spicer transferring to Miami

Punter Spicer transferring to Miami

Peter Ariz

With punter Justin Vogel heading into his senior year at Miami, the coaching staff is looking at all of their options for 2017. One possibility to replace Vogel is Jack Spicer, who is transferring from Florida to Miami. Spicer just finished up his freshman year at UF and will be a preferred walk-on at Miami. Spicer’s decision to transfer was not only about football.

“I'm excited because they have business tech at Miami. I want to go into the Air Force after college and Florida didn't have a tech program. This is a step in the right direction for my career after football,” Spicer said. “It's a great opportunity to be behind Justin for a year and learn because he's had the same path as I have,” he added.

Spicer had committed to USF during his senior year of high school before walking on at UF. Prior to that, Spicer and his family supported another school and Canes fans might want to cover their ears.

“I grew up an Ohio State fan because I lived in Ohio for 14 years and moved down here in the middle of 8th grade year. We've always been Ohio State fans, but they turned in those colors when I committed to USF,” Spicer said. “It was really my dad's side that was all Ohio State fans, so it took my grandpa a while to switch when I went to UF.”

Spicer said he initiated his contact with Miami on social media.

“Once I figured out that I needed to go somewhere else for my career, I reached out to coaches on Twitter from different schools and Miami was the perfect fit,” he said.

The future Canes punter had a good chat with coach Mark Richt.

He's a great guy and obviously a family man. I definitely hit it off with him and he's excited for me to get down there and hopefully take over when Justin leaves.

Spicer said he will arrive at Miami for the first summer session of classes in May.

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I hope he is good, Florida's kicking game was horrible last year, and he wasn't the starting Punter
Took three tries but kid finally found right school.
Does Kyle know there is a thread on this already?
Not exactly sure how to evaluate punters but is Vogel NFL material?
Took three tries but kid finally found right school.

Until he flakes out again.

Right, and with that fancy scholarship he's taking up, we'll be devastated.

I don't care if he leaves or not, son. That's the point. He can take his 37 yards per punt wherever he wants.

Thanks for the clarification dad.

Does anyone miss Golden yet? We gotten boring going on and on about a punter, kind of like a republican primary without Donald Trump.