Pro Comparisons: LB

Pro Comparisons: LB

Tito Benach
Since it's the off-season, now would be a good time to debut a project I've been working on for a while. Here are some comparisons between Miami skill-position recruits and current NFL players based on skillset and physical gifts. This doesn't mean the recruits will turn out as good as these guys, but it is just a comparison of styles.


Mike Smith- Bruce Irvin

This is an obvious comparison but a correct one. Smith is a legit 6’3 hybrid rush end. He has good speed, but not as fast as Irvin. Smith's bend is what makes him great, as he never seems to stand up when he rushes. Another similar aspect to Irvin is his pursuit. Smith wastes no time getting to the ball carrier whether it be making a sack or tackling the running back for a loss.

Smith: 6’3 210

Irvin: 6’3 235 (JUCO)

Smith Highlights:

Irvin Highlights:

Darrion Owens- Daryl Washington

Speed is the common link between these two. Washington is one of the fastest linebackers in the NFL, and Owens is a converted safety. Their tackling ability is on point as well as their pursuit. Although Washington didn't make his mark until he reached the NFL, Owens looks like he can make a big impact with this Hurricanes defense. One thing I do notice is Owens looks a lot lighter on his film than his listed weight.Owens: 6’3 215

Washington:6’2 195

Owens Highlights:

Juwon Young- Jerod Mayo

Big physical build. Both of these guys are built like brick walls and have prototypical size for the linebacker spot. Young can double as an outside and an inside linebacker. This shows not only his athleticism but his smarts to comprehend the differences between both spots. Young has great pursuit and his tackling is sound. Young also has the ability to play some defensive end occasionally, but I doubt we ever see him with his hand in the ground at Miami.

Young: 6’2 220

Mayo: 6’2 214



Terry McCray: Jarvis Jones

I know I'm gonna get a lot of heat for this one. But while they are different physically, the have very similar playing styles. McCray is a pure speed rusher-- his jump off the line is second to none and his pursuit is excellent. With Miami shifting to a 3-4 similar defense like Georgia, McCray could be groomed for the Jones's role. There are negatives to this comparison. First, McCray doesn't have Jones's strength or block-shedding ability. McCray needs time in the weight room, but if his development goes as planned he could be a solid contributor down the road.

McCray: 6'3 210

Jones: 6'3 236

McCray highlights:

Jones Highlights:

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We need another pure LB, who can play in space, in this class IMO.