Prediction Time

Prediction Time

Stefan Adams
It's put up or shut up time. After all the talk, prospects around the country will begin signing with their school of choice starting tomorrow and everyone is making their final picks. It's important to remember that these picks are not intended to be gospel and are simply based on the best info available to me at the time. If new info comes to light between now and tomorrow morning, there will be an update posted, but here's how I currently see things going into signing day tomorrow. (Get the latest on who is announcing and when with our signing day tracker here).

Miami has 7 targets remaining on the board that took official visits to campus in recent weeks. I will not be discussing those that did not take OV's to Miami because they are not even close to being legitimate options barring a miracle, last second-change of heart.

Great Chance (>50%)

CB Christian Williams

The Finalists: LSU, Miami, and Texas A&M

Announcement: 9 am

Although Williams is still technically committed to Alabama, it’s been known for a few weeks now that he would not be signing with the Tide and did not even take an official visit there. The Canes have felt confident in their chances to flip him to UM since the beginning here, and Williams gave them even more reason to expect him to pick Miami after his official visit. I’ll be honest in saying I don’t have a source from Williams’ camp, so all I have to go on is what I know to be UM’s confidence level and other public reports, which are mixed in some saying LSU and some saying Miami will be the pick. I can’t see Miami wavering on taking Martin Emerson at DB (addressed later) if they were not extremely confident here and were liable to strike out on everyone tomorrow. I’m going with the Canes.

The Pick: Miami

Decent chance (25%-50%)

DE Khris Bogle

The Finalists: Alabama, Miami, Florida, and Tennessee

Announcement: 8 am

Just like in the days/weeks leading up to Bogle’s first announcement, things have been very quiet in terms of info coming from Bogle’s side, and I believe that’s partly by design and partly because he’s not 100% sure what he is going to do. In the past two weeks, there’s not as much confidence from sources that felt Miami would be the pick for Bogle, but those saying Florida have the same level of confidence. I still think UF is the likely pick here, but we are also talking about a kid that admitted to changing his mind multiple times in the minutes leading up to his first announcement that almost nobody in the industry could really get an accurate read on. Nothing would surprise me here, including sticking with Alabama.

The Pick: Florida

S Martin Emerson

The Finalists: Miami and Mississippi State

Announcement: 11 am

The situation with Martin Emerson right now is both interesting and confusing, and a lot of the confusion is coming from Miami’s side of the equation. I can confirm others’ reports that Emerson is not a surefire take for UM as of this weekend. Due to the 25 scholarship yearly limit, and not the 85 total limit, I’m told from a program source that UM is operating from the standpoint that they have 4 spots available in this class, and that 2 of them are being saved for a transfer DE and a transfer OL. Miami is looking to take 2 more high school recruits in the 2019 class, and I believe the Canes are waiting to hear from Williams and Bogle before moving on to Emerson. Miami could also be holding only one spot for a DB, so even if Williams signs and not Bogle, Emerson may not have a spot regardless and UM will just save another scholarship for 2020. Even taking all that into account, I was told from a strong source inside Emerson’s camp last week that the pick would be MSU, so Emerson may not even end up at Miami even if he has a spot. All the direct and circumstantial evidence says it’s MSU for Emerson, but this could change depending on what UM hears from their other top targets in the next 24 hours and the situation will bear monitoring right up until the end.

The Pick: Mississippi State

Unlikely but could see it (1%-25%)

OT Darius Washington

The Finalists: Florida State and Miami

Announcement: 10 am

From the moment he landed his FSU offer two weeks back, something he’s been waiting on since the beginning of the process, the Seminoles felt like the likely landing spot for Washington. UM had a lot of confidence that he would sign with Miami all the way up until a few days ago, but I’m told that’s all but gone and eroded now.

The Pick: Florida State

Very Unlikely (<1%)

RB Mark-Antony Richards

The Finalists: Auburn, Florida, Miami, and UGA

Announcement: 11 am

The Canes have been fading for a while with Richards and UM doesn’t have much confidence that he will sign with them tomorrow. The lack of positive buzz surrounding his OV to Coral Gables two weekends back felt like the final nail in the coffin. Auburn has the most momentum right now and is the likely pick, but if someone upsets the Tigers, it won’t be Miami.

The Pick: Auburn

WR George Pickens

The Finalists: Auburn, UGA, Tennessee, LSU, and Miami

Announcement: 2:30 pm

Pickens ended up taking all 5 of his official visits and I think his aim was more to enjoy the recruiting process than to actually consider other programs. UM has been a longshot from the beginning here and Auburn people are very confident that Pickens ends up sticking with the Tigers.

The Pick: Auburn

CB Kaiir Elam

The Finalists: Florida, UGA, Miami, and Colorado

Announcement: 12 pm

Even though he’s taken official visits to his four finalists, it’s felt like a UF-UGA battle for Elam for months now. Elam went through the entire process, but I see him ending up in the place most expected him at all along and that he has the most ties to.

The Pick: Florida

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Not much of a finish to watch. Manny has done a good job picking up the pieces though, but do not envy the job in front of him with the holes left behind. This staff needs to be on point recruiting, and have a good plan for depth.

I guess setting the expectations this low is better than giving unrealistic chances only to see the board melt as a result. Win in '19 and continue to be aggressive in recruiting.
Same story every year

A 7-6 is pretty hard to out-recruit. What did you expect?

We lost this class during the season and on early signing period, all the battles after that were long shots (even HH, glad we pick him up).

Manny has done an incredible job to restore our name in a very little amount of time so the future is bright as long as we do our job on the field but he couldn't save the '19 class.

Btw we got some good players just not as many as we wanted probably.

As for the competition: Mullen damaged us badly on the trail and I really don't know how kids are still buying the Taggart ****.
Interesting they only have 1 spot for transfer DE and who is the transfer OL?
Braun GT? I am glad that they are still pursuing a DE and OL from the portal. Glad we have a good
chance with Williams. Need CB