Prediction Time

Prediction Time

Stefan Adams
It's put up or shut up time. After all the talk, prospects around the country will begin signing with their school of choice starting tomorrow and everyone is making their final picks. It's important to remember that these picks are not intended to be gospel and are simply based on the best info available to me at the time. If new info comes to light between now and tomorrow morning, there will be an update posted, but here's how I currently see things going into the early signing period tomorrow. (Get the latest on who is announcing and when with our early signing day tracker *here*).

Miami has 13 targets remaining on the board that took official visits to campus in recent weeks and plan to sign early as of now. I will not be discussing those that did not take OV's to Miami because they are not even close to being legitimate options barring a miracle, last second-change of heart.

Great Chance (>50%)

S Tyrique Stevenson

The Finalists: Miami and UGA

Announcement: Army Bowl Jan. 5th

Stevenson plans to sign early but announce at the Army Bowl on Jan. 5th. Nothing has changed from my update from yesterday afternoon. The word coming from Miami is still that they expect to land Stevenson. The buzz continues to grow from other sources that Stevenson is likely to choose Miami, including from Southridge and his own camp. I'm told mom still prefers him at UGA, but that she has signed off on him attending Miami. I've been very conservative on changing my pick of UGA here for good reason, and the Bulldogs absolutely would have been the pick a few months ago, but UM has done an excellent job making up ground and showing why Stevenson is needed at Miami. The buzz is so strong here and I needed to hear something substantial to get me to flip my pick to UM. I believe I’ve heard enough.

The Pick: Miami

WR Jadon Haselwood

The Finalists: Miami, UGA, Oklahoma, FSU, Tennessee

Announcement: Army Bowl Jan. 5th

Same as Stevenson, Haselwood plans to sign early, but announce at the Army Bowl on Jan. 5th. I previously already had a Miami pick in here, but Haselwood’s future has definitely gotten a little more murky in the past week or so. Most believe UM is still the clear leader and Miami’s staff still feels confident, but I’m told they wouldn’t be surprised with any choice. The team that seemed left for dead but has surprisingly built momentum here is Oklahoma, and Norman is where his dad is pushing Haselwood to give more consideration to. Until I hear more, I still think UGA is in the best position to upset Miami, but they took a minor ding last night with reports that Haselwood's good friend and former 5-star QB Justin Fields would transfer from UGA. I doubt it is a deciding factor, but part of Georgia’s appeal for Haselwood was being able to play with Fields. By the way, I can confirm separate from Twitter rumors that Miami is in fact already gearing up to make a run at Fields. Landing Haselwood would certainly help in that endeavor and Miami just has to hold on for a few more weeks.

The Pick: Miami

OT Tommy Kennedy (Grad Transfer)

Finalists: Miami, Oklahoma, and Auburn

Announcement: 12 pm

Kennedy is planning on announcing his choice on Wednesday, but did not choose a time as of yet. Kennedy took official visits to Texas, Oklahoma, and Miami, but has already eliminated the Longhorns. Sources told CIS last week that UM was the favorite heading into his OV at Miami and I made a Miami pick at that time. I've heard nothing to change my mind on that. I'm told the heavy UM interest is because of the weakness of Miami's offensive line and the likelihood that Kennedy will earn a starting role at Miami. Auburn is trying to make a late push here, offering on Sunday and setting up a dinner with Kennedy on Monday night, and that certainly is making things interesting, but without an official visit to Auburn, it's hard to see the Tigers winning out.

The Pick: Miami

RB Asa Martin (Transfer)

Finalists: Miami and ?

Announcement: No set date

Martin has said he expects to make a decision within a few days after his Hurricanes OV and wants to sign this week, but hasn't set an exact date yet. If that timeline holds up, then Martin will certainly choose the orange and green, as he's made no other visits or referenced any other contenders that have come calling. Sources told CIS that Martin was a UM-lean even before his official visit last weekend, and I picked UM at that time; nothing I've heard since then has changed my mind. I was told a lot of the reason for the Miami interest has to do with the trustworthiness that Mark Richt embodies after Martin left a situation at Auburn where the coaching staff was less than forthcoming.

The Pick: Miami

Decent chance (25%-50%)

TE Keon Zipperer and DE Lloyd Summerall

The Finalists: Miami and Florida

Announcement: 11 am

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the Lakeland duo and that is certainly by design from the pair, as they are trying to drum up suspense for their announcement. It’s hard to trust everything I’m hearing, but in the effort of full transparency, here goes: I was told by a source close to Zipperer that he feels it is actually UF that is being trolled. A source close to Summerall that previously felt the choice was Miami is now saying it’s likely UF as of Sunday. I was also told by a program source last night that Miami is expecting the pair to choose the Canes tomorrow and they have solid reasons for doing so. A UF source tells us the Gators staff is also confident. I’m going with my gut and history here and picking the Gators, mostly so I can say I didn’t get trolled, but it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see UM be the choice and I still think it is a legitimate possibility. After all, wouldn’t the greatest troll of all be having everyone assuming you’re going to one school, then pull the rug out from under them at the last second?

The Pick: Florida

WR John Dunmore

The Finalists: Penn State and Miami

Announcement: Under Armour Game Jan. 3rd

Dunmore’s announcement time has been in flux, with the latest intel suggesting he will sign early, but not announce until the Under Armour Game on Jan. 3rd. I was already leaning towards Penn State, but as of last night, I was told by a program source that UM is not expecting Dunmore in this class. I believe UM really gave Dunmore a lot to think about, and I wouldn’t be that surprised to see a Miami pick, but it’s likely too little, too late for the Canes on this one.

The Pick: Penn State

Unlikely but could see it (1%-25%)

DT Derick Hunter

The Finalists: FSU, Texas A&M, Florida, Miami

Announcement: 2 pm

Whatever happens tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like Hunter will sign with FSU. First, there was buzz that UF would flip the Dunbar product, and now the momentum is with Texas A&M and the Aggies have made a serious move. Either way, Miami seems to be running third at best here, but if following Hunter’s recruitment has taught me anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

The Pick: Texas A&M

OG Dontae Lucas

The Finalists: FSU, Miami, Florida

Announcement: 4 pm

While UM had some momentum here after Lucas’ OV to Miami, FSU seems to have locked him up on his trip to Tallahassee this weekend. Lucas told FSU reporters after his FSU official visit ended on Sunday that he would indeed sign with the Noles. Despite saying that, Lucas later tweeted he came to a final decision on Monday, implying his mind was not truly set when he talked to the FSU reporters. While sources close to the recruitment aren’t confident in Miami’s chances, Lucas is similar to Hunter in that he could wake up one morning and completely change his mind.

The Pick: Florida State

CB John Dixon

The Finalists: South Carolina, Miami, and Penn State

Announcement: 8 am

Although he had a great visit to campus two weeks back and there was some optimism with Dixon, ultimately that faded and Dixon has his sights set on the SEC. UM is not expecting him in this class and is now evaluating other corners to offer instead. You have to wonder what could have been if Miami recruited him the whole way and took his commitment at Paradise Camp back in July.

The Pick: South Carolina

Not happening (<1%)

RB DJ Williams

The Finalists: Auburn, UGA, Alabama, Miami

Announcement: 2 pm

As we reported a few weeks back, the Canes have been trending down with Williams for a while. Being Edgerrin James’ nephew kept Miami in the game, but at the end of the day, Williams felt a strong pull to the SEC and told reporters just yesterday that he would sign with an SEC school.

The Pick: Auburn

OT Evan Neal

The Finalists: Alabama, Miami, UGA, FSU, and Oklahoma

Announcement: 2:30 pm

This one has felt over for a while now. Miami was really counting on Neal being a part of this class, and his likely defection to Alabama has left them scrambling for anyone with a pulse on the offensive line to fill out the class. I hope he shocks the world, but don’t count on it.

The Pick: Alabama

DE Justin Eboigbe

The Finalists: Alabama, Miami, Florida, and Tennessee

Announcement: 11:30 am

Miami was clearly still behind Alabama here even after his visit to Coral Gables, and just one day after his UM trip, Eboigbe was tweeting about how he couldn’t wait to play in the SEC. If someone shocks the Tide here, it won’t be Miami.

The Pick: Alabama

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