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Practice 1 updates

Practice 1 updates

Peter Ariz
We get to watch the first 25 minutes today so the updates won't be anything too crazy but I'll edit the OP when I have something.

Jon Ford is not on the official roster they just gave us
Miami still hopeful he will be good to go in the next week or so. Think Mullins situation from last year

Did not see Robert Burns

Thomas and Harley really move with a different pep in their step

Trayone Gray was out there and he looked full go

Evidence Njoku already looks like he's added weight since he's been here. Working with WRs

Deejay dallas was with WR group. Looking for him to get RB reps too

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Is Robert Burns participating fully to start camp?
Any word on if Mark found his OC skills? To much talent on the O for any excuses this year. New QB should be a plus since he no luck with an experienced one.

That said, I remember back in the day, we never worried about the D on the first day of camp; it was always the O that we were concerned about. Granted it was if the O would by fantastic or merely great, but it is good to have that feeling back. Beat noles and get to conference title game and recruiting will explode. Get er done Mark.
Pete, how many hot dogs do you think you could you eat in 60 seconds
I just finished jogging near the U, and its hot and humid, its got to be rough for the players.
I just finished jogging up and down on my wife, and it's hot and humid over here also, its rough on me, too.

Now.... coffee break! LOL