PODCAST: Spring Deep Dive (Offense) ft. D$

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A lil Kidd Frankie for the intro, hope it’s the wiz version
Completely fair assessment u gave for all 3 of the QBs. Keep coming with the heat, love the podcast.

Edit: I'm completely sold on Gaynor leading this oline. For some reason he wasn't on my radar until this spring. I hear he is a real trench bully.
Look @DMoney droping the podcast just before midnight. You do know some of us sleep at night.

Good Podcast by the way.

Go Canes
Great podcast D

If Butch Barry is a quality OL coach we have pieces to put together a competent OL with upside
Speaking of walkon WRs.... is Lorenzo Grigio still on the team? I made a note of his name a couple years ago when someone posted his HS stuff as a guy I was glad to have as a walkon.
“Potentially 4 under armor all American lineman” which equate to 4 star caliber talents in the starting lineup on the oline.... the talent is there
How many starts do they have among the guys mentioned?
great podcast just want to lend a voice that the intro music always sucks. Not my demo and obviously given very little material weight because I listen religiously.

ska/punk or nothing.