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Is that tony perp story real? Lol
Thanks for the update and enthusiasm, D. Very helpful.

As to changes to our defensive scheme, last year we added the Striker LB to improve our 3rd down defense. As you reported, Romeo Finley stunned us all with his excellent performance.

Not mentioned in today’s podcast is another new possible defensive position, the Viper. Recent commit R Height referred to this hybrid DE position where the Viper can either rush the passer or drop back into pass coverage. At 6’5”, 215, he saw the Viper as his best natural position.

I haven’t heard Coaches Diaz, Baker or Patke describe plans for a new Viper position. But, recruits are definitely mentioning it. Can you gather any intel on this possible wrinkle to our scheme?

There’s elements of truth but some details i wont get into. It all stemmed from @DMoney sending a poorly timed text about his ahi tuna burger.

I have to admire someone who can roll with things that pop up.

Still think you're FOS on Manny only having one year to win out - but then you have the balls to say there are elements of truth in a story - without many details?

Props to @Tony Perps for not rocking that girls snot box. I know perps personally and he’s 6’4” 250 8% body fat, maybe 10% if it’s housewives of Orange County season and he’s binging on gelato.

The chick that hit him was fairly stout and nearly made the olympics after finishing 4th in Canada national curlings championships in 2010. I mean old girl was thick like off season 56donuts. But regardless of her BMI, he’d have one hit a quit her. Props for showing the restraint ray rice lacked.
Enjoyed the podcast D$. I appreciate you taking my question. Lingard a difference maker who can deliver a homerun at anytime. Jeremiah Payton is one player I'm excited about too, I believe he will have an impact this season.
Very informative podcast. I know it is hard to cover every detail but would have liked some info on special teams. That was a very weak link last year
Diaz did come in with the idea of the striker. I remember shaq pops was saying they were using grace as a hybrid LB/DB which is basically the striker.

Diaz started using the striker or 4-2-5 looks in 2014 at louisiana tech. He also used it at mississippi st. in 2015.

Blake baker took over as DC at louisiana tech after diaz left and he ran a 4-2-5 defense. They didn't call the extra safety a striker but just had 3 safeties listed as starters.
Good stuff. Overall, this team looks to be gelling in the offseason. Talent everywhere. Love the fact Ivey is emerging as a top player.

I still can't believe we're relying on a kid who was a 225 lb high school senior less than a year ago to be our starting OT. I truly hope Herbert or Campbell come through there. It's a bummer neither Kennedy nor Brown worked out.

I also don't see how Bandy can be used as a safety when the only corners behind him are Ivey, Blades and two freshman. I have to believe Carter, Hall, D Smith, Bolden when he gets here, K Smith, and even Finley and Gil would be locagical choices before Bandy given lack of Corner depth. But I'd be happy to see Bandy back there over Knowles, so there is that.
@DMoney what areas do you think or expect are defense to improve from last year to this year