PODCAST: Art Sitkowski and Jesiah Pierre

PODCAST: Art Sitkowski and Jesiah Pierre

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami QB commit Artur Sitkowski joins the show and says that his commitment was solidified after camping at The U last week.

2019 commit Jesiah Pierre is also a guest.


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Sits is slowly winning me over I love his passion and attitude. Student of the game who respects the knowledge coach brings to him.
Pierre does not talk like or look like a kid entering his junior year of high school. Seems like a high character kid and I hope he continues to improve his game
Wow, Sitkowski is bright. Say what you want about his decision making his junior year, but it's hard to imagine this kid not succeeding with his size and skillset. If he gets the mental aspect down and makes better decisions (should help now that he has WRs who can even run proper routes), his ceiling is through the roof.

Anyone know if he's officially been named the starter yet? I know it was unclear during the spring, so obviously that would be a red flag if he doesn't win the job outright.
Sitkowski is going to have a phenomenal year and a lot of teams are going to regret not getting in earlier with Art. And being more aggressive. Kudos to CMR and staff for doing their homework. I had a concern about Sitkowski sticking if Perry won the job and played well. Not worried any longer. Kid is mega confident.
Gonna be a **** of an addition to the QB room. Really hope he puts it together on the field
17 years old. Wow. He sounds like a 12 year NFL vet.
Sit sounds like a future football analyst. Sounds very mature and speaks well.
Outstanding Podcast Pete!!! Both kids sound very mature and very focused. Sits can sure promote his brothers, and it's cool that he has studied them himself. Gonna be a great class. As for the LB's, since it looks like we will only take one, will we have a problem w them in two years like we will next year w the DT's? Am I wrong or will probably lose the 3 plus Owens, Mike Smith and Perry? If so we replace them w the two from last class and one from 18?
Agree, it's hard to believe that Pierre is just entering his junior year of high school. Wow. He is a mature and thoughtful guy.

Looking forward to see his development over the next two years.
Should be some strong competition between Sitkowski and Perry.
Sitkowski sounds excited very excited and all in with Miami