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Podcast 21 - Roy Firestone

Podcast 21 - Roy Firestone

Peter Ariz
Legendary broadcaster, performer, and writer Roy Firestone, a Miami native and UM alum, joins the CanesInSight podcast to discuss a wide-range of topics including how sports media has changed over the years, the current state of Miami's football and basketball programs, and Mark Richt.

At the end of the podcast, Firestone also shares an incredible Muhammad Ali story that is a must-listen.


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Saw him last year at a high school basketball game where they were celebrating the 10 year anniversary f Jmac ( a HS student with Autism who scored like 18 points in the 4th QT) and Roy sees me leaving the gym with my Canes sweat shirt on and he looks at me says Go canes! True story, cool right bro.
Roy was a big deal at ESPN back in the 80s. He had his own show and was riding high.
Up Close was actually a great show on ESPN- back before everything was molded in the "embrace debate" ridiculousness. I guess Firestone lost credibility (when we actually had journalistic/media standards) over that OJ interview but I always found him to be an excellent interviewer. Not to mention that him and Mike Tirico are top picks in the "Supposedly Not Black" Draft.
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Roy was a big deal at ESPN back in the 80s. He had his own show and was riding high.

He made every guest cry lol.

He used to be a poster on cane sport. During the Shannon debacle he guaranteed he wasn't going to be fired , no matter how many losses that year. Then usf happened.
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His best interview was with Al Bundy on Married With Children.
His best interview was with Rod Tidwell.
lol @ him being a canesport reader - very disappointing. although I'm sure that means he posts on CIS as well. great music as always on the pod...my block instrumental was great way to end it.