Patchan Knows Miami Tradition

Patchan Knows Miami Tradition

Tito Benach
While 2015 Freedom (Fla.) defensive end Scott Patchan is looking to help lead his team to the playoffs next year by focusing on each game. There is one game he is circling on his calendar.

“You could always says you wanna take every game as an important game, but I’d be lying if I said that because we have a rival with Wharton. We’re only seperated by five miles, everybody gets hyped up for that game and the whole school comes out.”

Patchan has been working with his team in the offseason to continuously get better.

“We go monday through thursday, we do lifts for about an hour and half and then we will go out to the field and do sprints or conditioning. We’re looking to become a stronger, better, faster team. I’m trying to add weight to my frame to help give me an advantage against bigger opponents.”

Patchan is considered one of the top prospects in Florida for his class and his family has quite the history in football with his brother being former Florida tackle Matt Patchan Jr. and father being former Hurricane Matt Patchan Sr. .

The 6’6 225 pound rush end is hearing from only two schools at the moment with Miami and USF.

The Freedom high school product was able to attend one of the many Al Golden football camps this past summer and talked about the experience.

“Receiving an offer from Miami was a big stepping stone because it’s a very respectable school of course and my dad going there too, it made him feel very proud.”

Patchan is very interested in the Hurricanes for it’s amazing football tradition and history.

“I like the tradition man, for sure. Like I said, my dad went there in the 80’s and he has two national championship rings and I look at them everyday. I just think tradition is a big thing for me.”

The Tampa native is also intrigued by the location of Miami with it being located in a great area like south Florida.

“It’s right there in South Florida, it’s right near the beach and it’s really nice.”

Obviously a school that catches his eye as well as Miami is the university of Florida, who hasn’t been showing that much interest as of late.

“I remember there coach coming to see me during the spring and I received a letter from them about a month back.”

Most would figure that his brother being a former Gator as well as his father being a Hurricane would put those two schools as the main competitors, but he reiterates that it’s his decision.

“I can see why it can play a role, however my decision will be my decision. It will have whatever is my best interest down the road.”

Patchan is in no hurry to make a decision and will be checking out each school in search of a perfect fit.

“I have to have high interest in the head coach, hopefully the school can get me to the NFL and like I said Tradition and somewhere I can feel I can get better at.”

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Would be funny if he went to FSU lol but I hope he is a CANE
hope he learned from the mistake his idiot brother made.
Didn't brother leave U of Felons early. Lets see two NC rings vs can't stand this place. Not big decision.
No chance we get this kid if he saw the way the fan base destroyed his brother after picking UF
Wasn't the word this kid was a HUGE UF fan? Not sure how much Matt's situation at UF affects him, but I remember hearing this kid was ALL UF.
If he can play and is talented, I want him in this class. If he sucks, then move on.

I don't care about that *** dumpster brother of his.
Well...if push comes to shove...he can always drink Urban Meyer's kool-aid as well.

His brother ended up looking pretty stupid...running his mouth on Miami . Next,falling for Urban's line, then having one bad thing after another happen to him. In the end ..he became just another bench warmer who now (and this news to me since I stopped following what happened to him) has to go to BC to get a shot at starting. No doubt Urban didn't want him at OSU (surely he would have sent out feelers there) and that leaves him persona non grata both with UF and Miami.