Outthehuddle.com launch at noon

Outthehuddle.com launch at noon

Peter Ariz

The wait is over. Outthehuddle.com launches today at noon. Stay tuned for exclusive video content of Paradise Camp all weekend. OTH will have Antrel Rolle, Brett Romberg, DJ Williams, and Jon Vilma mic'd up for behind the scenes content.

Here are a few samples of what to expect.








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Congrats Pete! I wish you nothing but success my man.
You can get this stuff for free from the Beast.
You can get this stuff for free from the Beast.

We can also get it for free from one paying member posting all the content here for us to enjoy.
I signed up to be notified when live, was notified, and now when trying to sign up says that email has been taken.

Help por favor.
Pete - looks pretty solid so far. Clean/simple website with a clear mission statement - little surprised there isn't any orange/green on the homepage unless this site will go beyond just UM football?

One question for you regarding the subscription summary: "Membership includes full access to all of our Video Series, Podcasts, Happy Hours, Tailgates, and your digital membership card which gets you discounts with select sponsors. "

I know it's early in the process, but are you going to be providing additional details on some of the above benefits? (i.e., assuming discounts with select sponsors may include DymeLyfe apparel and Caneswear? Podcast will be new series, outside of CIS?)

Appreciate the effort you and the team have put in so far. Good luck!
Pete, tried to subscribe a few minutes ago, but it appears the site is having issues with processing memberships. Received an error message stating that the functionality of subscribing is temporarily unavailable.
I can't subscribe. After entering my card information, Says.... please check back soon. We're temporarily unable to process your membership. Says please notify store owner about this. I click on the hyper link to "notify the store owner" and it brings up a blank popup new email screen without information about who to email...

Got some glitches Peter.
the pay pal payment option isn't working
PayPal worked. I signed up viewed the first few articles then it got cancelled.
my membership was just cancelled, you have glitches!

same thing for me.

i signed up right way. the email with my login information never came. and now i just received an email saying my membership was cancelled.

not complaining. simply informing. i know how these things can be
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