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New UM commit Denis: "Trust me, I've been to a lot of places, it's real right here"

New UM commit Denis: "Trust me, I've been to a lot of places, it's real right here"

Stefan Adams
Part of a flurry of commitments coming out of Paradise Camp this weekend (six so far), 2020 South Dade (FL) 4-star OG Jonathan Denis was part of the first wave on Friday, pulling the trigger and committing to his childhood favorite Hurricanes along with two of his teammates, officially becoming part of the trio known as the “South Dade Canes”. Denis was in attendance for the pool party and dinner event that took place on campus the day before the actual camp and, while he didn’t plan on pledging going into the event, he said once he got around the team and atmosphere, he knew it was time.

“It just feels great being a Cane,” Denis said. “I came yesterday and it just felt like home to be honest and I felt like I had to [commit]. I was iffy on committing before. But once I was there, I felt it, and getting all the love from my future teammates, that’s when I knew it was time.”

In previous talks, Denis was adamant that he wanted to play out the process. So, when asked what made him feel comfortable enough to go ahead and give Miami his pledge now, it’s clear the environment and feelings of brotherhood that Mark Richt has cultivated around the program were the main factors.

“The vibe that I got from the coaches, the love I got from the people already here,” Denis said on why he committed early. “It’s not just talk, it’s real here. Trust me, I’ve been to a lot of places, it’s real right here.”

In a sequence of events that lasted a little more than two hours, UM landed all three of the South Dade Canes on Friday night. First it was DB Jaiden Francois announcing on Twitter for the orange and green, followed shortly after by S Keshawn Washington. Denis capped off the excitement with his decision to stay home at Miami and explained how the entire situation unfolded.

“I don’t know (laughs),” Denis said on why Francois went first. “Jaiden was on his own mind. We talked about [committing], Keshawn talked about it, everybody talked about it in the group text. Next thing you know, Jaiden posted it and I was like ‘Whoa Jaiden!’, then Keshawn posted his, so I was like ‘Alright, I’m going to go post mine too.’ I was really planning on committing after the camp, but after all that I was like ‘Alright then, I’m gonna commit too, why wait?’”

Committing to the Hurricanes as a South Florida kid always ends up putting a target on one’s back and makes the competition perk their ears up just a little bit more knowing they’re going against a UM pledge. This is something that Denis recognizes and he welcomes the added fire.

“My teammates and I were just talking about that too,” Denis said. “I mean, I feel like I always had a target on my back, before I even blew up. I play with a chip on my shoulder, you know? So now that people are after me, I say ‘Okay then, bring it on’. Like I always say, no survivors.”

Even before Denis hopped on board, the class of 2020 for Miami was considered the best class in the nation. With the addition of the South Dade Canes on Friday and WR Bryan Robinson on Sunday, Category20 has shot into the stratosphere and is setting the standard for early commitments. Denis is well aware of the hype surrounding his class and has already undertaken measures to help UM keep stacking talent in 2020, as well as 2021.

“Oh, I’ve already started sending messages,” Denis said. “[2021 prospect] Savion Collins from Southwest is one, he’s a DT. I was just talking to him saying ‘Come on, you know what to do’. I’m pretty sure he was feeling it cause he was smiling and stuff.”

While Denis still has two years before he hits campus, he’s already been thinking of what it will take to succeed at the next level.

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be a lot of hard work,” Denis said. “But I already know a lot of people there [at Miami] will give me the best opportunities to succeed.”

And his message for the Canes fans that have followed his recruitment?

“Oh, we coming. It’s coming back, just know. Mark my words, it’s coming back.”


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I didnt even read the content, just fell in love with the quote in the title lol
That's a freakin great interview... This kid is a bulldozer! I love his game and the way he loves being a Cane!
This has to be making TS think awful hard.
"I play with a chip on my shoulder, you know? So now that people are after me, I say ‘Okay then, bring it on’. Like I always say, no survivors.”
“Oh, we coming. It’s coming back, just know. Mark my words, it’s coming back.”
Sounds like another Savage...team is loading up on these Dogs🙌🙌🙌
Great interview homie said no survivors that's the attitude you absolutely need on the line.
A true dog who bleeds what and who we are. So sick od kids who don't care about holding down home and dont have the dog in them to not join a bandwagon but to make a legacy in front of the people who helped shape you. This kid gets it
Did you ask any of these South Dade boys on their ex teammate Stevenson?
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Playing the process out to get a couple trips and some SEC ass may be a little more fun for some of these guys, but that is only for a few months. Guys like this who commit early and hard core recruit for us end up being ambassadors and legends (like Shaq, Lo & Deejay). Less diva more dogg.
Love this kids mindset. What you’d hope they’d all be like if the opportunity presented itself.

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