Nebraska Gameday - Week 4

Nebraska Gameday - Week 4

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami and Nebraska rekindle an old rivalry under the bright lights of primetime television. Get hyped.


Miami's history with Nebraska includes several legendary bowl match-ups. The showdown in the 1984 Orange Bowl is still considered one of the greatest college football games ever played. They've met each other 4 additional times since then, 3 of which decided the national championship. When 2 teams play each other in the postseason as much as we have, it's only natural for hatred to boil over amongst the fan bases. I hate everything about these guys. If you're old enough to have seen the 1995 Orange Bowl, you would too. Everything about them sucks. Even the 2 different versions of the letter "N" they have for logos.


Then there's the one they put on their helmet. Did you ever scroll through all your font choices while typing something and ask yourself, "What kind of idiot would you have to be to ever choose Arial Narrow?" Well Nebraska of course does for their helmet.


So dumb. Whatever.


Where: Lincoln Memorial Stadium

Who: Miami Hurricanes (2-1) vs. #24 Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-0)

When: 8:00 pm/et


Official message for this game: Let Kaaya be Kaaya.


The staff made the decision to roll with a true freshman this year at QB, and they finally opened up the playbook for him last week. To piggy-back on what k9cane said after the Arkansas St. game, I want to see more of it. That doesn't mean pass every down and ignore Duke Johnson. It does mean that this staff needs to keep letting Kaaya use all of the tools that are at his disposal, and to not be afraid to pass down field. Otherwise he won't grow, and this season is just a big waste of time.

Last time they met: January 3, 2002

Grassy was the only place that was around back then. I tried to look up stuff for it on the Internet Archive, but I got nothing. So instead just watch these highlight videos.



So bitter-sweet watching those. It's awesome to go back and watch, but it sucks when you realize neither of them are in HD. It really drives home how long it's been since we won a title. This game happened nearly 13 years ago. There's also this:


This dude's face was legendary on grassy at the time. The pic generated at least 10 million threads about it. He thought he was making a great decision when he decided to walk out of his hotel looking like that. So funny.​

Know your enemy: Corn Nation

What they're saying:

Some toothless hick said:
...I don't care that they've had some down years lately; I wouldn't care if they were 0-12 last season, I still want us to crush them, smash their hopes and dreams, see grown Miami fans crying in the stands and make them wonder if they'll ever build their program back into the power it once was...


Miami Notes

1. Miami's OL says they are ready for a hostile road environment.
2. It looks like Al-Quadin Muhammad has had a bad week.
3. Brad Kaaya started playing football at the suggestion of
Cornhusker RB Terrell Newby's father.


Nebraska Notes

1. Nebraska's kicker is stupid and hurt himself.
2. The Huskers are bringing in a ton of recruits for this game.
3. Randy Gregory wants to get his 1st sack of the year.


Guy is a beast.

Favorite Nebraska related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


I could watch this for days.

Miami Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart (never released one)

Miami Injuries
09/17/14OLAlex GallUndisclosedOut
09/16/14KMatt GoudisBackOut
09/16/14RBWalter TuckerAnkleProbable
09/15/14QBKevin OlsenLegal problemsDismissed From Team
09/13/14WRStacy ColeyShoulderProbable
09/12/14DEAl-Quadin MuhammadSuspensionOut For Season
09/05/14QBRyan WilliamsKneeOut Indefinitely
08/15/14WRRashawn ScottShoulderOut Indefinitely
08/14/14DBRayshawn JenkinsBackOut For Season

Nebraska Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart (couldn't find one)

Nebraska Injuries
09/19/14KMauro BondiCollarboneOut Indefinitely
09/19/14WRSam BurtchKneeOut For Season
09/14/14WRBrandon ReillyUndisclosedQuestionable
09/10/14WRJamal TurnerLegOut For Season
09/01/14OLCorey WhitakerACLOut For Season
08/28/14LBMichael Rose-IveyKneeOut For Season
08/23/14RBAdam TaylorAnkleOut Indefinitely
08/08/14DBCharles JacksonKneeOut For Season
08/08/14DBLeRoy AlexanderSuspensionOut For Season

Game Day Character:

Rick said:
I don't know, I hear Nebraska's nice...




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Cool post. I'll offer up a bit on the Nebraska side of things for anyone that's interested.

Our most recent depth chart can be found here, with the only two notes that Reilly and Burtch are both out at the receiver spot (Burtch unfortunately done for the season with an ACL, and Reilly struggling with a hamstring), as well as Bondi the kickoff specialist being injured.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.43.02 AM.jpg

Further, the N with the script 'Huskers' is no longer an official logo and hasn't been for a long time. Technically our new secondary logo (which most people are unaware of) looks like this:


Thirdly, Memorial Stadium has gone through a few upgrades since the picture posted above, with a huge expansion to east stadium and a bit of a redesign for the big video screen in north stadium:




Randy Gregory sat out the first two games because of a knee scope on an old high school injury, and returned for Fresno but played limited minutes due to the humidity and getting back into game shape. All reports are that he's 100% and ready for tomorrow night. Regardless of the score it should be a great atmosphere.
Great stuff. That part about their logos had me rolling.
My dad always used to ask me:

What does the "N" on Nebraska's helmet stand for?

Knowledge. It stands for their knowledge.
That 1995 Orange Bowl is one of the the most crushing losses I can remember (up there with the fiesta bowls against PSU and OSU*)...we had them, had them! It felt like my soul was ripped out, I can only imagine what that must have felt like for the players.

I would love to see us make a statement on the road tonight...but I am trying not to get too hopeful because I have been let down so many times for so long.

Let's go Canes
It all comes down to Gadbois and Isadora.

That is not a good thing, less than impressive so far. Any chance we have to win, these two will have to really show up big time, JMO. Also, coaching will have a lot to do with the outcome, that is another story for another day. GO CANES
I don't want any moral victories... A close loss that "proves" we can play with big guys again.


Either just win and do so in a well coached fashion that gives legit hope


lose big and get the "process" rolling further toward change.

We need a statement game in one way or another.