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National Signing Day Live update thread

National Signing Day Live update thread

Let's get it started!


Travis Homer, RB
Jack Allison, QB
Shaquille Quarterman, LB
Pat Bethel, DE
Zach McCloud, LB
Mike Pinckney, LB
Sam Bruce, WR
Mike Irvin II, TE
Jeff James, DB
Joseph Jackson, DE
Dionte Mullins, WR
Cedrick Wright, DB
Tyreic Martin, DT
Romeo Finley, S
Malek Young, CB
Tre Johnson, OL
Jovani Haskins TE

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Love this kid. Straight baller and no drama. Could be the next great Miami back
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So happy to have Jeff James' NLI in and announced by our Coaches. He's raw but he's going to be a good one.
We got Edgerrin James, Mike Irvin, Isaac Bruce and Randy Bethel bloodlines in this class. Not bad.