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Morris wants more points

Morris wants more points

Peter Ariz
Despite Miami's offense having a great season last year, quarterback Stephen Morris won't settle for last year's results. The ever-improving Morris has a big focus on the offense capitalizing on their opportunities this season.

**On his leadership:
“My biggest thing is to influence everybody and leadership really isn’t anything unless people are following you. The biggest thing for me to do is just to keep leading and getting these guys focused for what’s coming up ahead.”

**On the optimism surrounding the team:
“There’s a lot of momentum going towards this camp, but the biggest focus right now is getting better with every little thing we do offensively, defensively, and with special teams. The biggest thing for me is to keep pushing everybody. I know I’m saying that a lot, but that’s my main focus right now.”

**What has shown him in the offseason that the team has improved from last season?
“Just the willingness to work. Everybody is out here at certain hours throughout the day, on weekends, on Sundays. Just having those guys working the way they are really shows a lot about what they’re doing on the weekends and they’re giving up their free time to be great so I appreciate that and we’re moving forward.”

**What advice has he given to the freshmen?
“Just to follow the old guys. We had a meeting yesterday and my biggest focus yesterday with those guys was ‘don’t worry about, you’re going to get in the rhythm of things and the biggest thing for you to do right now is just follow the guys in front of you. Follow guys like Jimmy Gaines, like TC (Tyrone Cornileus), and Kirby. Guys who’ve been around a while and understand what to do.”

**On if he feels optimism when outsiders talk to him about the team:
“People are always going to talk, but the biggest thing for me is to not really listen to that and understand what I need to focus on getting better in my decision-making, third-down, and continue to improve on my footwork.

**What would be a “successful camp”?
“A successful camp would be one where everyone come out healthy. I really want to protect everybody, I really want to make sure that guys understand the playbook and I want us to play faster and physical. For our offense, we just have to dominate every period and do everything you have to do right and the little things will show.”

**On what he would tell the fans about how excited he is about the offense:
“I’m excited about the offense, but our biggest thing is we didn’t score enough points and we had left too many opportunities on the field last season. Our biggest focus is let me get better on third-down, let me get the completion percentage up, and let’s do the little things right to stay on the field, and then all the fan hype can build and all that good stuff. Inside that locker room, I know what we got to do.”

**Does winning Manning Camp MVP improve his confidence at all heading into the season?
“Not so much. My biggest thing was I wanted to go out there and have a good time at the Manning camp and show what I could do, but I know where my heart was and my heart was down here. I gotta make sure that this team and myself is ready for the season and opening it up with FAU. Our biggest concern right now is that offseason was great, but let’s move on and have a great camp and do all the little things right.”

Transcribed from video at www.hurricanesports.com

Comments (12)

Awesome focus and sense of direction from him.

Nice to see no grandiose statements being made on the first day of camp.

Nice to see that level of focus from a team leader.
Everything mentioned before that we said he needed to work on, he has made a conscious effort to improve, whether it be footwork, completion %, 3rd down, etc. I know some have mentioned they are more skeptical and want to see it. I saw visible signs of improvement in spring (which he missed last year) and when you include confidence...

I really think he is in for a big year. BIG YEAR.
He definitely gets it and I really think under his leadership this season can really be special
Kid can play his way into the first round if he is as successful as I feel he's going to be this year.
Those back shoulder throws in the endzone he showed off in the spring are going to be nearly unstoppable. If he can take a little off and show some touch on the short passes, with the talent we have at WR/RB, those guys will have more chances to house them.
We have playmakers and game changers give them the ball and watch your money pile up Mr.morris
our running game was not that good we were horrible on 3rd down had issues in the red zone. we still have a lot of work on offense

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