MNW LB Smith takes mid-week visit to Miami

MNW LB Smith takes mid-week visit to Miami

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami Northwestern LB Michael Smith has been to the University of Miami’s campus multiple times, but on Monday he got to see a side of the school that he had never seen before, as he and his sister took a tour.

“It went good. I loved everything about the campus. I had seen only the athletic side before, but not the classrooms and educational side of things. I realized that it’s small classes like regular high schools and I see that as a good thing because I can get more help from the teachers,” said Smith.

Smith’s sister seemed to enjoy the visit as well.

“My sister went with me. She really thought it was a good school with how the academic plan is set for the athletes and everything so she’s really on board with it.”

This wasn’t only a non-football related visit for Smith, as he interacted with some of the coaches as well.

“I talked to Mike Barrow, Al Golden, and Hurlie Brown, They were basically saying they would really love to have me at the school and I could be a big part of the program and make a big impact.”

With Miami looking as the heavy favorite for Smith, the pass-rushing linebacker wants to make his decision soon.

“I want to do it after my spring. I really wanted to be focused on my performance in spring and worry about my team. The recruiting process is cool, but you also have to keep your focus on what got you here because if you just worry about the other stuff, then you won’t be ready for football.”

With spring practice beginning next week for most schools in South Florida, Smith is ready to take the next leap as a leader.

“I’m feeling good about it. I just want to see a lot of these younger guys step up because they have big-time shoes to fill as Miami Northwestern Bulls. I’m prepared to take this team to the next level because I’ve been working hard since 9th grade to get where I am now and I see a lot of the younger guys in that same spot I was in so I can really help them and guide them through the whole process.”

Although there have been some concerns about Smith on the academic side, he says there’s nothing to worry about.

“I’ve taken the ACT and I’m waiting on the score. My GPA is a 2.9 right now, but I’m waiting on the next ones to roll over and I’ll have a 3.1 or 3.2.”

**When asked if Miami is the school to beat for him, Smith responded, “Yeah.”

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Good job and I like that he wants to focus on other things, even though I want him to commit but you can tell he is never going to have grade or any type of focus issue when he joins us
This would be a nice pickup. Go Canes.
I'm already counting him in this class.
Is he a legit 6'3 220 or more like 6'1 210. Either way he would be a great pick up for this class.
He reminds me of a combination of Michael Barrow and Darren Smith.
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i think players like this goes a long ways in the minds of coaches when they get on campus
I really like this kid, but where does he end up on defense? He has a knack for getting after the QB but can he grow into a full time DE?
people are worried about a texas offer??? wow.
I really like this kid, but where does he end up on defense? He has a knack for getting after the QB but can he grow into a full time DE?

I'm thinking a combo like what they're trying to make McCord. Regardless can't wait for his signature.
I would absolutely love to have this guy in this class. He's athletic, produces, got some street in him, but seems focused and forward-thinking. Also, he's a team guy.