Miami targeting Carney to round out DE class

Miami targeting Carney to round out DE class

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami's pursuit of local talent seems to roll through Miami Central high school, as it should. With Miami already having Rockets linebacker Waynmon Steed in the fold, the coaches are trying to add a defensive end from the school.

3-star WDE Owen Carney's price went up this summer -- in a big way. Over the last month, he has visited the likes of Miami, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Florida, and Louisville. New offers from LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida state have all come in.

"I came to Miami in the middle of June to check them out. I heard they brought some talent from our of state for paradise camp. I would have loved to be there, but I couldn't make it. I really hope they don't fault me for that," Carney said.

It looks like Carney is one of the staff's top targets to round out the defensive end class, one day after D.J. Johnson committed.

"I know they just took a commitment recently," Carney said "They told me as soon as the first defensive end commits, it's going to be a race for that second spot. They told me to punch my ticket now so that I won't have anything to worry about."

Although Miami would like to see Carney make a decision sooner rather than later, the coaches have not tried to force him into anything.

"Coach Kool has expressed how highly he thinks of me so I didn't feel any pressure when we were just talking about the recruiting game," he said.

"I feel like I'm getting closer, but I still plan on announcing in December because I'm a mid-year enrollee."

Carney has an older brother, O'Juan, who is a freshman receiver at Miami. Does that help the Hurricanes' chances?

"It doesn't have as big of an effect as you'd think. It would be our nice for our family to stay together, but if I leave state then we could also mature."

The Miami Central pass rusher added that he will look to take four out of five official visits because he will have to spread them out across his season.

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Carney aint coming. Hasnt sounded that interested in miami lately.
Didn't he say FSU leads a few days ago? Either way he's announcing in December and that's so far away it seems like.
Didn't he just say that we weren't on him a few days ago in another interview? I don't think he is coming....but if he wants in, I'm for it.....but look out for Bryan Jones....we have a shot with him. First one to commit, gets the spot. FSU will slow play Carney
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I spoke highly about Carney during the Spring. Don't understand how he is a 3 star a minimum he should be a 4 star. I like him, a lot. I hope he and DJ come through. Carney has a stupid quick first step.
He's going to FSU. Next target please.

I'm not sure about that....he is a plan B or C for FSU.

Agree. I dont he is a take this early in the process for FSU. Wasnt he a Duke lean for a minute? Either way, I dont think he comes here. And if there is only one spot left, he might miss the boat if a kid like Jordan Wright comes to his senses and commits.
Pete don't post stories like these without legs

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I'm not psychic so I won't pretend like I know where he's going, but from what I gather they told him, it's a race for the last DE spot now. He's aware, but seems like he wants to take those free trips. That's exciting to many of these kids who have never traveled much or at all. Hope he commits because I really want SoFl guys for positive influence on future classes.