Miami Still on Top for 2016 WR Pinder

Miami Still on Top for 2016 WR Pinder

Tito Benach
2016 Southridge (Fla.) wide receiver Freddie Pinder is always ready and willing to compete with the best; the IMG 7 on 7 Southeast regional is exactly where Pinder can show off his skills and prove his talent.

“It feels good to be out here with all the players and the new competition. It’s just fun to be out here and going up against other great players from other places."

Pinder is a rising senior year and has already taken a leadership role with the team. With Southridge’s hire of Billy Role as the new Head coach in January, Pinder main focus is to make sure the team is working together.

“Bringing the team together, so if you can bring the team together you can go far. We have a new coach, but I just gotta bring the team together and get them right.”

Pinder models his game after Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson in the way they both use their size to their advantage and have big play ability.

“I’d say Calvin Johnson because of you know the size and speed. I can do a lot of things with the ball deep down the field.”

Recruiting hasn’t slowed down much for the 6’4 193 pound receiver as schools continue to blow up his phone. While new schools may be turning up the heat on Pinder, Miami and Tennessee remain at the top for now.

“I’m still very open with my recruitment and taking in all schools, but if I choose someone that is on top it would be Miami still.”

Pinder is in constant contact with the Hurricanes coaching staff and says there isn’t a day that goes by that Miami doesn’t contact him.

“The coaches communicate with me everyday, every coach. All the coaches they stay in contact with me and make sure I’m ok.”

The Tennesse Volunteers run second to Miami for the moment, but Pinder is certainly interested in wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni.

“They’re still high up because their coach, coach ‘ZA’ he stick out to me. I like the way he talks to me because he just talks to me and doesn’t try to bribe me or sway me.”

Pinder said he’s looking to make a decision sometime towards the end of his senior season. During that time Pinder will be checking to see which school matches up with his priorities.

“The education, I gotta get a good education. I want coaches to be communicating with me on and off the field and a home style feel when I’m there.”

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Just waiting for him to pull that commit trigger.
Seems like davante peete recruitment.
Thanks for the highlights......#3Stripelife already
@Geo- I know you are probably busy breast feeding and might not read this by tonight etc.., jk man... ha..
Seriously, have you seen Pinder play live? if so, what is your assessment on this cat? is he legit? Is he a better prospect than Newbold?

Hope you are enjoying "baby G" meng!!
Rather take ben victor

difference between him and Victor is Pinder uses his size very well knows how to bully DB's.

The vibe i get from Pinder is he wants 'Bama he's waitng on that offer, we'll have to wait and see.
His body style reminds me of AJ Green. He's not as explosive but still has that type of build.
My gut feeling tells me Pinder won't sign here come national signing day, I could be wrong. I would take Pinder over Victor, higher potential. Both are good and the school they select will determine their production. For example, Pinder would fit better in Bama's offense then Victor cause he can block and catch. In an offense like UGA, Victor would fit better and can be used like Aj Green. Both are good players, Victor is naturally the better WR but I feel Pinder would produce better for us.
When i watched victor games i was more impressed with the sophmore wide out than him
This staff has to close on Pinder, Victor or Pie!!! Otherwise these *** clowns will have proven again they aren't capable of securing the best talent in the neighborhood which is a automatic to get you fired at real football schools. Hopefully Schiano and or Butch already compiling lists of the guys they will get after immediately.