Miami prioritizing versatile defender Sherwood

Miami prioritizing versatile defender Sherwood

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz likes prospects who can do two things in particular: run and hit. One of the more unique players in the 2018 class who fits that bill is Jensen Beach safety Jamien Sherwood.

Sherwood has quickly become one of the top priorities for Diaz and the Canes in this cycle due to his frame and style of play.


"Coach Diaz and coach Banda are both recruiting me hard and they both want me on their defense to play a strong role in it. I just have to work for it," Sherwood said.

In high school, Sherwood lines up at safety, corner, and plays near the line of scrimmage at times as well. Projecting to the college game, Sherwood said he prefers the secondary if he had to choose, but is definitely open to playing more of a linebacker spot too.

"I would like to stay at defensive back mainly at safety because I like to hit but if I was to up my weight to about 230, I'd move to linebacker," he added. "They are recruiting me as an athlete because I can play different positions," he said.

"I'm 6'3", 195 and I may grow to 6'4"-6'5". If I stay at DB, I don't want be more than 225 pounds."

He is also excited about the direction of UM under Mark Richt.

"I love the program of Miami. Everything is new, they want everything a certain way there, and I think it's well ran," Sherwood said.

"The defense was great -- probably their strong suit out of the 3 phases. They play physical and come up with some good plays. I like how they blitz their DBs a lot also and they keep them in the back field to make a play."

Sherwood said he will be visiting Miami in March.

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What are your thoughts on this kid, Pete? Do you like him better then Abdullah? Also I heard he wants FSUs attention but they dont see him as a take. Has he moved on or is this a situation where if he gets offered he is theirs to lose?
Good report and new info, thanks! Good to know how he feels about a possible position switch. Seems like a smart kid.
based on what I see, if he stays at DB (unlikely), it will be important to keep him out of cover 2 as much as possible

LB prospect for sure
I told y'all we gettin Sherwood.... we can't take everybody somebody gonna be out
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We won't take this kid over the DBS on board, but I love the pickup as a LB
He'll be a LT here. Kid is already 6'3", 195 lbs. He'll grow at least 4 more inches before college, and he'll certainly gain at least 135 lbs. LT all the way.