Miami Leading for Valentine

Miami Leading for Valentine

Tito Benach
2014 DT Travonte Valentine is one of the best at his position in not only the state, but also the country. He is planning to use these spring practices to help take his game to another level, but is also using them to help his off the field skills.

“I’m actually working on being a better person and how to better myself.”

Valentine is currently playing for Bayside (Fla.) and is looking for his team to make great strides for next year.

“The spring is going wonderful, its really going great. Just, the team looking pretty good and we are going onto the field and working hard. We’re looking really focused and working hard each and every day.”

The 6’4, 297 pound defensive linemen has had no shortage of contact from nearly all the colleges around the country. While he maintains he enjoys the recruiting process, he does admit it can be tiring.

“It’s going well for me right now. It’s fun, but at the same time it is a little tiring.With all these coaches calling me, It’s gonna be a bumpy road until I sign those papers on signing day.”

The Bayside product has heard from dozens of schools including Miami, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State and Georgia.

While all the schools may be pulling their hardest to get in good position with the nationally ranked tackle, there is one school that is leading for him.

“Miami is leading, Most definitely. “

When asked what draws him to Coral Gables, he almost ran short of breath

“Miami is wonderful, it’s basically a school that has people that really want to help you. Feels like home to me, the coaches show me love and I show love back. It’s really just a wonderful school.”

Another aspect that is drawing Valentine to Miami is the idea of possible early playing time.

Valentine recently was on the Miami campus for a visit about a weeks back and recapped what it was like.

“Wonderful, the coaches, as soon as I came on campus they came and they treated me like I was home. It’s the same feeling every time I’m there like I’m home.”

Valentine speaks with both coach Al Golden and coach Jethro Franklin when talking to Miami. He gave his thoughts on what coach Golden is like.

“Coach Golden , when he talks to you it’s amazing, because when he talks to you, he speaks the truth and thats what I like, when coaches speak the truth.”

Valentine will be paying close attention to how coaches recruit him, as that will be one of the main factors going into his decision.

“The way you recruit me and the way I feel like if I truly like you and if I can be the right fit on campus.”

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Couple other things I couldn't include in the article because it would be too long

Tennessee is behind Miami as #2, Also likes Alabama and their tradition and the players they churn out at DT.

Will try and visit Miami in the summer again
Will be a huge piece of our 2015 National Championship team.
I don't trust this dude. NOT ONE IOTA.
Any time table on when he might make a decision?
Tito, wasn't he a UF commit? Any idea when he decommited? Glad to hear UM leads. I went to school and played football with his head coach Derek Smith at Palm Bay High School.
Tito, wasn't he a UF commit? Any idea when he decommited? Glad to hear UM leads. I went to school and played football with his head coach Derek Smith at Palm Bay High School.

Yes, first a louisville commit then decommitted and then Florida Commit and decommitted again
Does it worry anyone else he has decommitted twice already?
Wonder how much of this article is true and how much is bull**** (coming from him we may never know)
HOWEVER I obviously hope he is a Cane come NSD and owns all QB's henceforth on the way towards our back to back to back National Championships during his tenure in Coral Gables.