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Media Day Notebook

Media Day Notebook

Today was the first day that all Miami coaches and all Miami players were available to the media for sit down interviews.

I had a chance to speak to some of Miami’s coaches, Miami’s newest freshman and some of the veterans on the team.

One of the hot topics around spring practice this year was Sheldrick Redwine’s move from cornerback to safety, A move that put Redwine back together with his high school teammate Jaquan Johnson

“It wasn’t in our mind.” Coach Banda said, “But you defiantly see it on the field, you can see how they communicate on the field, they can kinda look at each other and say I’m going to do this or do that, so when it comes to communication they have that part.”

“He was the next guy that showed and proved his toughness to the program and like I told you guys last year, we are going to find the five best defensive backs that can play.”

“It feels great,” Sheldrick Redwine said “It’s comfortable back there, it’s been a nice transition. Me and Jaquan are roommates so it feels natural to be out there with him.”

Miami’s recruiting philosophies change every single year, but this year Coach Banda and Coach Rumph are recruiting their defensive backs to play multiple positions.

“Well, the entire Storm18 committed class has that,” Coach Banda said “their ability to play numerous positions: Corner, Nickel, Safety, Dime. We are recruiting them like that, and we have told every single one of them that and we told them once you get here we will figure out what position they will play.”

“Every kid committed has that mold, so it doesn’t matter if I’m recruiting them or if Coach Rumph is recruiting them.”

A lot of the talk about the quarterback battle has been centered around freshman quarterback N’Kosi Perry, but one of the forgotten names in the race has been freshman quarterback Cade Weldon

“Well I think his overall knowledge of the playbook has dramatically changed,” Jon Richt said “Going from being a freshman and then to a guy that can run the offense and he is an athletic kid and he is one of our most athletic quarterbacks

While the Miami quarterbacks battle for the number one spot, the veteran quarterbacks Malik Rosier and Evan Sheriffs are helping quarterback Coach Jon Richt develop the two freshman quarterbacks

“Oh no doubt,” Jon Richt said, “Those guys do a great job helping the younger guys.”

“Our room is the type of room that you like to coach, everyone comes in and tries to get better. When someone makes a great play everyone gets up and gets going and it's not just one guy doing good it's the University of Miami that does well.”

“Those older guys have helped me out a lot,” Cade Weldon said, “Any questions that I have they always give me the answers and I always go to them because they know the playbook more, so they’ve been really helpful.”

Freshman quarterback Cade Weldon was one of the ten early enrollees to join the Canes for fall camp, but how much has Weldon improved since the spring

“I say just understanding the whole offense as a whole and I was really happy to get those reps with the offense and get a better understanding because I started in the spring.”

“I feel a lot more confident than I was in the spring,” Cade Weldon said, “Just getting to know my teammates better and knowing the playbook more.”

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how does this belong on the recruiting board?
did I miss something in the article about recruiting?
just b/c they mentioned recruiting versatile dbs?

it's a UM football media day article.
I think we're wondering why it looks like you suggested this belong on the recruiting board. and it was moved to the recruiting board. the article has nothing to do with recruiting.
I think we're wondering why it looks like you suggested this belong on the recruiting board. and it was moved to the recruiting board. the article has nothing to do with recruiting.

I was questioning the fact that it's on the recruiting board. Didn't make sense to me.

I realized it wasn't about recruiting.

However, I still thanked the man for good content, even though it's in a weird place.
it wasn't. it was originally on the football board.
Some of you dudes are the kind of guys who would get pissed that your job bought you a bday cake a day early, even though you don't work the next day.
Site needs to hire an editor. It is understood these 'writers' are young but the grammar and spelling mistakes are brutal.
This is great but when are we getting more of that plug talk?
It was on the recruiting site cause he was saying we should have stuck with recruiting his boy Henderson...I'm sure that's what it was.
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It was on the recruiting site cause he was saying we should have stuck with recruitinghis boy Henderson...I'm sure that's what it was.

The real issue is all of these Belen/Columbus bros pimping their "guys" and annoying the hell out of the world on Twitter.

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