"Louisiana Savage" Gerald Willis set to make Canes debut

"Louisiana Savage" Gerald Willis set to make Canes debut

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami Hurricanes defensive tackle Gerald Willis often refers to himself as a “savage” – his teammate Chad Thomas went on to help explain what exactly that means.

“A savage don’t care. He’s going to listen to the coaches and probably make a couple mistakes, but a savage does not care. When he gets to you, it’s going to be a hard hit or he’ll slam you into the ground,” Thomas said.

By the time kickoff comes on Saturday night for Miami against FAU, it will be 651 days since Willis played in a college football game.

The once-prized recruit left the Florida Gators program after a tumultuous freshman season in Gainesville. At UF, Willis was notorious for locker room fights and an intentional clubbing of Jameis Winston on national television.


Willis sat out last year per NCAA transfer rules – but his wait to step on the field became longer than expected when Miami announced last week that he was suspended for the first game against FAMU for violating team rules.

With Mark Richt calling defensive tackles Anthony Moten and Courtel Jenkins “questionable” for the FAU game, this comes as the perfect weekend to unleash Willis on opponents. As Chad Thomas put it, “Gerald is a dog – on and off the field.”

“I just seen him work yesterday in one-on-ones and he was making plays. I was shaking my head because the team we play on Saturday has to feel him,” Thomas said.

By most accounts, the former four-star recruit out of Edna Karr HS in New Orleans was the most dominant defensive lineman of fall camp and dating back to spring practice for the Hurricanes. The coaches plan on using him as a versatile pass rushing specialist who can be disruptive from the interior.

Willis’ teammates feel like he is a changed man -- mentally and physically.

“He’s ready for this opportunity,” said sophomore tackle R.J. McIntosh. “He’s more focused this year. He gained muscle weight and is around my weight of 280, 285.”

“He’s not going to be blocked. No matter what they do to stop him, he won’t be blocked and he’s going to disrupt plays,” said Trent Harris.



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If he can stay off the suspension list, he is going to absolutely maul people this year. He's going to straight fck the middle of FSU's OL. This dude is a difference maker, and with Kool coaching him it's gonna be scary.

“He’s not going to be blocked. No matter what they do to stop him, he won’t be blocked and he’s going to disrupt plays,” said Trent Harris"

Been anxious to see what the hype is about for a while now. He better eat!

Can't wait. Hope he plays smart this year. No dumb personal foul penalties.

Unless we up 30
He will listen to coaches but is going to make mistakes and he dont care. Basically chad is saying willis dont give a **** bout no plays or assignments and he trying to kill whoever got the ball. Thats the **** i like from my d-line.
Wasn't Willis' mom the one who got ****ed when he picked UF (Landon Collins' mom too)?
Most active and effective DL from the bit I got to watch in fall practice. He made NFL plays: slipping between blockers, slanting easily across the interior to change the direction of plays, etc.

Basically, everything you saw Ole Miss' DTs do to FSU is what RJ Mcintosh and Gerald Willis are best at doing.

So, yeah. Thanks, Standish.

Can't wait.
Remember Gerald. Count to 5 and walk away when someone pushes your buttons.
Wasn't Willis' mom the one who got ****ed when he picked UF (Landon Collins' mom too)?

She was ****ed when collins picked bama. She was steaming at his ***. I think she knew gerald wont going to lsu.
Molten has been practicing this week so I'd expect him to play but I'll be watching Willis intently.

Would like to see him take snaps at DE.
Anyone who calls themselves a savage is a captain on my team.

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I can't wait to see him. I remember watching live when he took a shot at Winston. Absolute savagery
If the production lives up to the hype, we gonna be in for a fun season watching this savage
Can someone fill me in to what it was that got him suspended again for the first game?
Love that clubbing of Jameis the raptist, cant wait to see him knock out other qbs