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Live Updates Thread: The Opening Finals - Monday

Live Updates Thread: The Opening Finals - Monday

Stefan Adams
Coverage of the start of the 7-on-7 tournament from the Opening Finals will begin at 11am ET/10am CT. Remember, Team Impact is the squad to watch for Miami fans, with UM commits Jeremiah Payton and Keontra Smith both featured, along with Mark-Antony Richards, Noah Cain, and Jordan Battle.

OL/DL workouts will also be going on as well.

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Don't forget Team overdrive with Kenny Mcintosh, Ladson, Tyrique Stevenson, and Sanguinetti
Any updates on Sanguenetti's play is appreciated
Brock, I believe they are going to put TS at corner if we sign MAR, Battle, and Keontra Smith. I believe that could be the reasoning of why Jaden "isnt a take."
You assume Battle to OSU is a "phase"?