Live Thread Updates: South Dade vs. Miami Northwestern

Cory Grimes
1 min read
Set for kickoff at Harris Field. I’ll keep you updated

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Defensive battle here in homestead. Northwestern up 5-0 in the 2nd
Ladson goes 60 yards on the post to the house from Burns
Burns runs it in and then throws in the 2z South Dade up 14-5
Brantley with the one hand catch down the seam for a Northwestern TD 14-11
TD Northwestern on the short run by Baptiste Northwestern takes the lead 17-14
South Dade regains lead on a bomb from Burns to Randall South Dade up 20-18
3rd and goal from the 1. Northwestern looking to take lead with 1:30 left
South Dade blows it up in the backfield. 4th and goal from the 4