Link City - I Don't Know How To Put This...

Link City - I Don't Know How To Put This...

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

...But we're kind of a big deal.
We've all enjoyed YanyCane's highschool highlight video's of Canes from the past, but apparently the internets have enjoyed them as well. In case you missed this thread from the WEZ, CanesInSight has gotten some indirect pub as a result.

It started when Mega Powers member D-Money noticed that Barstool Sports stumbled upon the Wilfork video. This led to Scott Van Pelt mentioning said video on his radio show. Also, since the Redskins missed the playoffs again, their fans are just watching the Sean Taylor video (R.I.P.) over and over again. For a message board that had it's genesis from a ridiculous migration 4 months ago, to get some pub like this is pretty cool ****, don't ya think?

What's that Jay-Z?

Okay fine. But how about CanesInSight's brand new recruiting database that fellow Mega Powers member Andrew unveiled yesterday? It's community shared, so everyone can add and edit to each player's profile. Such as their twitter handle, highlights, even individual awards. It basically pees on every other site's database, so what do you have to say now Hova?


See, I knew you'd be impressed.
We the best!!

-Now that we've patted ourselves on the back, it's time for some actual Canes related news. I'll start with Bryan Fischer's story about how the NCAA is stiffening penalties on cheaters in the future. They also wanted to have a more concrete and consistent punishment scale. Look at this pic for a guidline of what schools will face in the future using the Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo case as an example:


Fischer goes on to explain the added teeth to the new punishment standards;

  • "For example, if you commit a serious Level I offense and there were no mitigating factors, you can expect a 2-3 year postseason ban."

Ouch! It's not clarified, but I'm assuming/praying that these ex post facto punishments won't effect the Shapiro ****-fest. We all should, because as Fischer points out:

  • "Florida State's 2009 case could have seen football scholarship losses of 10-21 per year for three years instead of the six they received."

Pretty scary stuff when you think about it and imagine what we could face. But luckily, as some guy at the Palm Beach Post explains, sanctions and bad records don't matter that much to recruits when they want to get to the NFL.

-Jorge Millian gives us his astute observations of our 7 early enrollees from our recruiting class (Crow, Dewey, Gunter, Flowers, Gadbois, Kirby, and Witt). Check out this pearl of wisdom from good 'ol Jorge:

  • JOSH WITT, LB: He’s white and a linebacker so you’re hoping he’s either Dan Morgan or Colin McCarthy. UM fans would be happy with either. Unless he blows the coaches’ doors off in spring and fall practice, pencil in Witt as a redshirt.

It's pretty sad when a professional journalist, a beat writer no less, is going with cracker-backer references. That's our turf.

Image of the day:

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