Link City - Christ, It's Still May...

Link City - Christ, It's Still May...

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously


Offseason gonna Offseason. There ain't **** really going on but a couple items popped up this week.

If the Internet has a taint, it's location is Bleacher Report. Wanna know who the top 25 players are in the NFL according to some random person? Then you're in luck, because they'll have some slideshow for you to click on and give them a bunch of hits. I mean the stuff that gets posted at that place makes what I do look like some Taylor Branch ****. But lucky for you (and by you, I mean no one), some person there reads twitter and noticed that a Yahoo! Sports writer revealed that UM has a new policy for players speaking with agents. The Policy reads:

  • A football student-athlete (or his/her family member) shall not have in-person contact, telephone communication, text message communication, electronic (email) correspondence, written correspondence, communication via a social networking site, and/or contact/communication by any other means with covered individuals before the student-athlete finishes his college football eligibility.
  • Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Department of Athletics.
  • A student-athlete seeking an exception to this rule must submit the request to the Head Football Coach.
  • A committee including, but not limited to, the Director of Athletics (or designee), Head Football Coach (or designee), and the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance (or designee) will consider the request and render a decision.

In typical UM fashion, they've over-reacted to a problem by implementing a policy that's more stringent than the NCAA minimum. One of these days, someone from UM will reveal who it is we're trying to prove something to. There's a half-way decent thread about this in the WEZ here.

In other news, the ACC reached a new TV deal with ESPN. Under the new deal each school earns $17.1 million, compared to the $3 million each school earned back in 2005. But this still leaves the ACC well behind the PAC-12, SEC, B1G, and BIG-XII. So hopefully, this influx of cash is enough to dissuade the fine folks in Trailerhassee and Clemple from bolting the ACC. Meanwhile, this is the scene at the Hecht:

Speaking of getting paid; Tommy Streeter, Marcus Forston, and Jacory Harris have all signed deals with their respective teams. I tried asking Omar Kelly how much they'll be making over the course of these deals compared to 2nd round draft picks, but he won't respond to me. So if you have twitter, ask that douchebag yourself here.

Back to Jacory, this is really him earning a shot as a camp body since teams are allowed to carry 90 players in the offseason at the moment. J12 created some spectacular plays, along with some embarrassing ones, during his tenure as UM's starting quarterback. He had a major turn around with his decision making in 2011 by vastly improving his TD/INT ratio. But now he's with the Eagles competing for an NFL job with Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards, and Nick Foles for the 2nd and 3rd string spot so:


Finally, in news regarding our newest ACC brethren, Pitt is suing the Big East. Pitt will have paid the $5 million in conference exit fees by the end of this upcoming season. This move by them is simply to force the Big East to let them out of the conference 1 year earlier than the bylaws call for. Or as Boog suggested, "...Pitt copying, wishing they were us."

Favorite Pitt related gif:

That's about it. The longest offseason ever still sucks. If you didn't read this piece by DMoney earlier this week, get on it. Also, don't forget to submit a question to the CanesInSight Podcast with DMoney, Tano, and Larrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

Gif of the day:


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Stupid question: Does the 17.1 million include basketball money or is that only football? Thanks for the filler!
It includes all-sports
Strong as usual. The Seantrel gif gets me every time.
Bleacher Report is ******* woat. Site should get the pernmamet bandhammer.
Dan E - Yah it may be off season with nothing going on, but that was a pretty entertaining Link City post.

Keep em coming!
This feels like it's gonna be a long offseason because we're waiting for the NCAA ruling. I just want to bet that so we can move on.
Love the link city posts, thanks!

And will be a huge relief once the NCAA ruling comes down, no matter how hard we get smacked. This black cloud of not knowing is the worst. I can only imagine how it feels for the kids and the coaches.