Kirkland Sets Miami Visit

Kirkland Sets Miami Visit

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Denver Kirkland was a vital part of Booker T. Washington's state championship run that started last month. After falling to Jacksonville Bolles in last year's title game, the Tornadoes took advantage of their opportunity this season to defeat Bolles in the rematch.

"It feels great because it took me three years to get there and four years to win it all. I'm just happy and proud," said Kirkland.

With signing day only a couple months away, the undecided offensive lineman will be taking multiple visits in the coming weeks.

"I have three more official visits. January 11th I'll be at South Florida, the 18th will be University of Miami, and February 1st is TCU."

He spoke about what he is looking forward to on the official visit to Miami.

"I'm expecting to get to know the coaches better and touch bases with them and the football team. I want to look at academics too."

Family pressure to stay home is not something that Kirkland has had to deal with.

"I love my mom and stuff like that, but whatever happens, happens. She's really gonna go off my demand and she's gonna respect my decision and whoever I pick 100 percent."

Kirkland also added that he will be taking his Miami visit with 5-star linebacker Matthew Thomas. The offensive lineman's talents will be on display at the Dade-Broward All-Star game at 7:30 on Saturday Night at Traz Powell Stadium.

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Peter, who were his other two visits? What would you deem to be the biggest threat?
Peter, who were his other two visits? What would you deem to be the biggest threat?

He took an official to FSU for the UF game and also went to Ole Miss on October 5th.

Watch for USF here as a sleeper...
Good news on his visit to UM and that will be a huge weekend for UM. This kid will be a welcome addition.

I see randy shannon is using his pimp juice with ice harris to get kirkland to visit TCU, LOL.

Go Canes
Man Kirkland has been to Miami 8 or 9 times on unofficials, camps, or junior days since 2011. No way in **** he is following in Elkino Watson's footsteps.

looking at his visit list i'd be shocked if he isn't a cane. kirkland and thomas
I'm telling you if we land Thomas we land this guy, he wants to play with Thomas in college.
I've always had him down as a Cane. Him and Thomas. Al Golden + Booker T. Prospect = Cane IMO.

Kirkland and Flowers will be nice bookends.
Kirkland- We need your baddass blocking for Duke and Collins in years to come. Stay home and represent the 305! We are almost there but we need you and 6 to stay home. Best wishes!
Randy is recruiting him for TCU. Harris the BT Washington coach and Randy are close friends.
We definitely need to seal the deal with "Mr. Sunshine On My God **** Shoulders John" Denver Kirkland on the 18th...