Kamalu, Gilbert, and Renfrow All Cleared

Kamalu, Gilbert, and Renfrow All Cleared

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

Today UM officially announced the additions of Ufomba Kamalu, David Gilbert, and Justin Renfrow to the 2013 football team.

We first got word that Kamalu was in when a woman from UM's Football Operations staff tweeted this pic of him getting his gear from the equipment room:


This of course got everyone excited.

Then Matt porter of the Palm Beach Post noticed some guy wearing a 78 jersey at practice:


Shortly after that, UM's Official Football twitter account sent this out, along with an official press release


While Kamalu (classified as a Junior) is a JC transfer from Butler CC in El Dorado, Kansas, Gilbert (Wisconsin) and Renfrow (Virginia) have already graduated from their respective schools and will have 1 year of eligibility remaining. Big, big, big boost to the depth at Defensive Line.

Gilbert was an honorable mention All-Big Ten selection last year. Renfrow is a big body at 6-6, 310 lbs. His career never really took off at UVA, but Golden liked him out of High School and even tried recruiting him at Temple. Besides, as Matt Porter points out, the added competition can only be a good thing.

**** of a job by Al Golden and his staff attacking probably the biggest need on the team post-signing day. They swung and missed big at that spot the past 2 years and they've done a great job adding these 3, along with Naim Mustafaa a few days ago.

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Ufomba Kamalu is all smiles picking up U gear before his first practice as a Miami Hurricane! @TheUEqRoom #CanesCamp pic.twitter.com/1anyO6XVQY
9:32am - 10 Aug 13

Awesome. The kid looks happy too... Win / win for everyone!
At first, I was like:


Then, I read this:

Ufomba Kamalu is all smiles picking up U gear before his first practice as a Miami Hurricane!

And I was all:

good stuff man...I love waking up to good news and you guys breaking the news very quick

becoming more and more a supporter...of the staff that is working this site..

bakas will break the news in 2015
Great stuff! I CAN'T our **** clown shoes though!
Really intrigued by this guy. I actually think he can be a contributor this season and become a real player for us. Physically, he is a beast.

Get Gilbert in and I am at ease
Gcane. Tito reported Gilbert had a locker in the locker room. S it looks like he's a go