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Jermaine Grace junior highlights

Jermaine Grace junior highlights



But he doesn't look that big, safety?

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Gotta feeling he's going to end up in our class. Much like Tracy Howard, he's another Carol City kid that happens to play for Miramar....all Carol City kids grow up wanting to play for Miami.
Luke called Miramar "carol city jr." on twitter recently lol
Dudes lanky...i say let him gain about 15-20 lbs and put him at will. He def. Has the frame to add some size
I'm sure we have higher rated guys at LB and Safety on our board.

He's seems like a plan B guy to me.
jermaine grace > george williams This kid is a must get and if u dont think so then your crazy. Yeah george williams has big hits but this kid makes big plays and biig hits and has the frame and size you want. Comes from a winning program. AL GET ON THIS KID SO HE CAN JOIN MALCOLM AND TRACY!
excellent prospect , does almost everything very well , I hope he ends up here
Some people need to realize that most of the time kids need a redshirt year to get aclamaited to college i.e books, weight, and speed of the game.. not every kid we bring needs to fill in VT's spot or Ray Ray's... kid looks like a good prospect if he grows into the potential his body has his rs-jr and sr year he'll be a legit player
Luke called Miramar "carol city jr." on twitter recently lol

Jr. is already beating seniors ass then. Very true though..surprised Akeem hasn't jumped over there.
Was it me or did he hesitate sometimes on open field tackles? Not sure if he is actually 6'2'' as well, hard to tell on the tape. He looked good though on most of his highlights. 8 minutes is too long and genron put in some bad plays imo.
kid is a LB all the way. looks to have the frame where he could get in the 225 range in college, which is plenty big with the kind of explosion he flashes in that vid.

I'm guessing that the 6'2" 215 is a bit of exaggeration. he is prob right around 200 (probably less) would be my guess
Jawand Blue looks like Spence. This kid looks like Buchanan coming out of high school (Buchanan was a stud back in 08). He looks like he has a frame to really fill out and I LOVE his range...can cover and close. Honestly, I would prefer him over Williams and Deeb after seeing these clips. He seems more versatile and athletic than the other two imo.