Hurricanes Offer 2017 California QB Lytle

Hurricanes Offer 2017 California QB Lytle

Tito Benach
The last time the Hurricanes offered a California quarterback prospect, they found the 2014 ACC Rookie of the Year in quarterback Brad Kaaya. The Hurricanes are looking to land another California stud passer as they offered Servite (Calif.) 2017 quarterback Tyler Lytle this past week.

“I actually met coach (James) Coley a couple weeks ago when I went there for a visit and he showed me around the school and the visit was great.”

Offensive coordinator James Coley stopped by Lytle’s school this week and offered the 6’4 185 pound quarterback after reviewing his film. The offer from Miami serves as Lytle’s first and it’s a memorable one.

“For Miami offer me it’s extremely humbling and it’s a special one. It’s huge, an offer from Miami, which a very prestigious school.”

Lytle has spoken mostly with offensive coordinator James Coley and has quickly built a good relationship with the Hurricanes play caller.

“He’s a great guy, I’m really glad I got to meet him and talk to him one on one when I visited. You can tell he’s a great coach, he definitely understands the game and we had a great relationship off the bat.”

Lytle runs a Pro-Spread mix at his high school which is very similar to the Hurricanes current offense. Lytle feels very comfortable in that offense and likes the way the Hurricanes spread the ball around.

“I love the Pro style offense, going back to Brad Kaaya, he thrives in that offense. I really like what they do offensively. At my high school we run half spread half pro, I’m versatile enough to be in both the spread and the pro.”

When it boils down to making a decision,academics will be a major factor in helping Lytle decide where to use his talents.

“This is going to sound very cliché, but to me and my family academics always come first. I want to go to a school where they have a good degree so if football ends I want to be able to be successful, but I also want to be successful on the field,” said Lytle. “Somewhere where I can play early and compete right away.”

Lytle is heading into his junior year with the simple goal in mind of winning the state championship with his team, outside of that Lytle doesn’t care for much else.

“I want to come into every week knowing that we can win, I don’t think there should be any other goal besides winning every single game in the season. If you’re not striving for that you’re either lying to yourself or you don’t want to learn.”

In terms of preparation, Lytle is aiming to be the most mentally prepared player every week which involves countless hours of film and training.

“Everyday I’m watching film, watching defenses and learning how to attack them. My goal is to be the smartest player on the field no matter who we play that week; I want to be the most intelligent on the field and the most comfortable.” said Lytle.


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I really like this kid, he's hearing from Nebraska, USC, UCLA and Washington State.
Coely seems to have an eye for QB talent. Like the early offer.
orange county original gangstas.
A it looks like hes playing JV ball in those highlights not that it matters but i like his game Coely is the QB whisper...
Can we have Coley go recruit something else please like DT or corner because we have enough qb talent now. It's time to place him in other avenues.
I really like this kid, he's hearing from Nebraska, USC, UCLA and Washington State.

What's your take on this? Do we stand a chance in the long run or when USC/UCLA/Stanfford offers, we are out?
Servite is a solid football school in the LA basin. Sounds like there's some interest on his end...
He had a very good interview on Cane shades Radio tonight.

Go Canes