Highlights: Central RB Amari Daniels lives up to the hype

Highlights: Central RB Amari Daniels lives up to the hype

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Although he's a few recruiting classes away, Miami Central 2021 RB (Freshman) Amari Daniels has already lived up to the hype from his Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes optimist football days.

Check out what he has done in two games against more-than-solid opponents, Chaminade-Madonna and Dwyer. This is only on 8 carries this season.


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kid is a monster, hope it aint a circus but I trust we land him.
How old is he?
I'm sure his recruitment is going to be lovely.
Kid is **** near the best running back in the country already... I say **** near cause zamir is the real deal too.
Mark and Thomas need to be on the phone with Hurricane Alum Roland Smith every **** day
I can't imagine a better freshman RB. Might be the best RB in his class even if he moved up a year.

Very curious to see how he does in a couple weeks against Bishop Gorman. That will be a huge test for him and Central
Dude looks like a pre-pubescent Beast Mode. ***** gonna be wild to try to land him. Looks like a Sr in HS already
kid looks like a top 10 RB in this years class and he's a freshman....holy sh*t

Obviously a long way to go with his recruitment but what is the early talk. Big 3 in state battle? Grew up "loving" Bama like every other SoFl kid these days?
Cane Lock

If Pastor Richt will be recruiting this kid for 5 years
Just like Jacory Brooks from Booker T.

Unless some wild crazy **** happens at Miami. They are can locks. Miami is going to get to a point where 17-20 per recruiting class comes from the Tri-County.
that kid is the truth, str8 baller
This kid is a phenom!

Anyone got details as to his measurables and actual age?

It doesn't matter too much bc he's a top prospect even if he doesn't grow anymore, but it's definitely nice if he's gonna keep growing rather than be like Sophomore year Yearby. As a HS sophomore yearby looked like the next great Miami RB, and he continued to be a great HS RB, he just never developed or grew much from them on
So let me get this straight:

18- Lingawd and Davis
19- Cain/Wright/McIntosh/Carter (some combo)
20- Cheney Jr
21- Daniels

Sweet baby Jesus...

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Freshman? Dang. How old is he 15? Already shows great vision on the field.

We never have to leave the state of Florida for running backs.

This kid looks legit